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Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Resham gets more backlash as she counters criticism on polluting river

Resham says women are being raped everyday. There are more grave issues to talk on instead of throwing plastic in the river.

Actress Resham gets more backlash as she tried to counter criticism on throwing plastic bags in the river.

Resham apologized for her actions and said that she did it unintentionally. Actress said she is being absent-minded these days and brought in the issue of rape of women in her argument.

Resham argued that there are more grave issues to talk about rather than her throwing plastic bags in the river and protecting marine life.

“I admit to having made a mistake by dumping plastic into the flood water but women are gang raped every day,” The Friday Times quoted her as saying.

“Violence against women is commonplace, yet, everyone’s blinded by a piece of plastic. They are dwelling in a fool’s paradise. I was merely offering sadaqah (charity),” she added. She blamed the incident on her absent-minded caused by contracting coronavirus twice.

“I tested positive for Corona twice, and I happen to be absent-minded because of that,” the actress added.

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The actress added that she lost her only brother some time ago and is struggling with mental health issues. She argued why she is held accountable for throwing plastic waste in the river when everyday industrialists are releasing tons of toxic waste into the sea; why they are not being called out, asked Resham.

“I am in Charsadda as we speak. I have been quietly helping thousands affected in the calamity-hit district. But, of course, people are only interested in trolling me. I do a lot of good too,” she pointed out. “I have an enviable 600,000 people following me just on Facebook. That’s more than enough publicity for me. I feed hundreds. A great deal of what I make is spent on this, but people will only comment on that video,” Resham noted.

Resham received backlash from fellow celebrities, including Armeena Khan, Meesha Shafi, Haroon Shahid, and Shaniera Akram.