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Saturday, May 18, 2024

Revealed: Princess Diana forgot Prince Charles’s name during their wedding

The people’s Princess, Diana, caught up in the nervousness of the wedding unintentionally called Prince Charles with a wrong name. The fact that surfaced years after the wedding.

The Royal Wedding of Princess Diana and Prince Charles in 1981 was a fanciful affair, watched by nearly 750 million people across the globe. The lavish wedding was even dubbed the ‘wedding of the century’, however, the global audience and much of the people in attendance missed the fact that Princess Diana called Prince Charles by the wrong name while exchanging wedding vows at the altar.

Owing to wedding jitters Princess Diana called Prince Charles ‘Philip Charles’ instead of ‘Charles Philips’, claims the BBC report.


“Wedding day nerves were apparent during the ceremony. Diana mixed up the Prince’s names, calling him Philip Charles Arthur George, rather than Charles Philip,” BBC said in its article.

Moreover, not only Diana but even Charles went through enough nervousness during his wedding.  BBC also reports that Prince Charles said “thy goods” in his vows instead of saying “my worldly goods”.

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Controversies continue to surface years after the royal wedding. The recent documentary ‘The Truth Behind Their Wedding’ claimed that Princess Diana had admitted to having a terrible row with Prince Charles over his bachelor party just a few days before the marriage.

Journalist John Edward informed how he’d overheard Princess Diana make the comments during a Buckingham Palace garden party.

Recalling how all the guests at the event had lined up to greet the royal couple, John recalled: “There was a great humor about, an interest in the people she was talking to.”

“She stopped right in front of me, we were only a few feet apart, and somebody said to her ‘good luck darling’.”

The documentary claimed that it was at that point Princess Diana gave people an insight into her relationship with Prince Charles ahead of their wedding.

After thanking the guest for good wishes, John said: “Then she put her hand over her mouth and she said ‘there was a terrible row last night between Charles and me. It had been his stag party.”

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He added: “In that girly way of hers she repeated it. What the row was about she didn’t go on.”

The documentary further revealed that Princess Diana was allowed to invite only 100 guests to her Westminster Abbey wedding although over 2000 people were present.

The wedding of Princess Diana and Prince Charles held at the St Paul’s Cathedral in London in the presence of 3,500 guests. Nearly, 600,000 people had gathered on the streets to have a glimpse of the newly-wedded royal couple. They were married on July 29th, 1981. They have two sons together – Prince William and Prince Harry.

Princess Diana died in a tragic car crash in 1997.