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Monday, July 15, 2024

Gorgeous Kate Middleton: Dresses She Wore During Her Pakistan Visit

Kate Middleton rekindled memories of Princess Diana, drawing dressing inspirations from Princess Diana while preserving her unique elegance on tour to Pakistan.

The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, on her royal tour to Pakistan, not only highlighted the positive image of Pakistan but also overwhelmingly supported Pakistani brands throughout her tour, donning dresses and accessories from at least five different brands. Kate Middleton’s garb and dressing style garnered immense attention on social media, leaving fans in awe.

Instead of picking up the western style, Kate Middleton chose to don traditional eastern outfits with a touch of latest ongoing local fashion trends on her visit to Pakistan, sparking a strong reflection of mother-in-law Princess Diana who wore the traditional outfit on her tours to Pakistan.

Maheen Khan

Pakistan’s celebrated designer topped the race as the brand designed two of the dresses of Princess Kate Middleton during her five-day visit to the country. Kate Middleton dazzled in blue silk outfit from Pakistani designer Maheen Khan, also called Pakistan’s Coco Chanel, upon her visit to Islamabad Model Girls College and a public school.

Kate Middleton wore an embroidered neckline Kameez with a trouser and a dupatta settled on the shoulder. Her blue dress gave the reflection of Diana’s other dress, a blue Shalwar Kameez which she wore on her trips to Pakistan. Princess Diana frequently wore blue-coloured Kameez Shalwars on her tour to Pakistan. While Kate Middleton channelled her mother-in-law Princess Diana, the blue dress from Maheen Khan became a crowd favourite as the royal watchers searched through the internet to find out the name of the designer behind the outfit.

Princess Kate Middleton’s another dress from Maheen Khan, on her fourth day of the trip during a visit to Badshahi mosque. Princess Kate donned a turquoise Shalwar Kameez, which had a striking gold trim embroidered neckline.

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While elaborating her experience of designing a wardrobe for Princess Kate Middleton, Maheen Khan asserted that “I stock my clothes at O’nitaa in London and that’s where the duchess’ style team first spotted them.”

Adding that the style team selected one look from the rack and requested a series of bespoke designs, Khan shared: “I signed a nondisclosure agreement which meant that I could only talk about it when they allowed me to. I feel that the duchess has a very classy, elegant personal style and I created my designs along those lines.”


Kate Middleton wore earrings from and took a clutch from Zeen – a popular female fashion brand by Cambridge. She wore the earrings on the second day of the tour during a day-long visit to Islamabad. She matched the earrings with her blue kameez Shalwar dress and with a green tunic she wore during the meeting with President Arif Alvi and Prime Minister Imran Khan.


Bonanza Satrangi

Then again she rocked a green scarf that complements her green tunic and white trouser during formal reception with PM Khan and President Alvi.


Ideas Pret

On the fourth day of the visit, Princess Kate Middleton rocked a white chicken Kari kurta from Gul Ahmed during a day-long visit to Lahore.



For her last day, Middleton was spotted in a white Elan bespoke number with black thread embroidery. Personally our favourite look.


Nauman Arfeen

Even the Duke of Cambridge, Prince William donned an exquisite sherwani from a Pakistani designer Naushemian. The Duke wore the minimalistic and yet modern turquoise sherwani to a dinner hosted by the British High Commissioner in Islamabad.

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The designer of the sherwani, Nauman Arfreen, shared the picture of The Duke on the Instagram account. He added that the “intricate embroidery in turquoise is done on the sleeves as well as the back motif and buttons. Finished to perfection with the right measurements to fit royalty.” Adding that the” fabric was specially hand woven from our factories.”


The Buckingham Palace officials had a chance to see Arfeen’s work at Chelsea store in London, before contacting him last month.

“Initially, the stylist who contacted me, could not explain as to what Prince William actually wanted. He was looking for something in green colour,” the designer said.

The designer said, he sat down, deliberated and then sent two samples. “One sample pertained to the choice of official, which he had vaguely explained to me, and the second one, I prepared to undertake considerable research on royal outfits.”

“The prince chose the second one, but kept the first one as well,” said Arfeen.

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Fashion watchers said the Duchess of Cambridge dresses appeared to show that she has used her wardrobe to exude the strong ties between the two countries. On the other hand, the royal observers gave a nod to the Duchess of Cambridge’s outfit as a respect for the traditions of a Muslim country.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge has returned to London after completing a five-day visit.