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Thursday, June 13, 2024

Rinco Aria – Pakistan’s cheapest EV?

Rinco Aria has great potential in Pakistan's EV market as it comes with distinct features and modern technology along with an affordable price range.

Rinco Aria is Pakistan’s cheapest electric vehicle. Nayyar Motors is the only authorized dealer of the vehicle that has imported the entry-level hatchback and is only selling CBUs at the moment.

Since the Electric Vehicle global market is immensely growing and Pakistan through Rinco Aria has also stepped into the market in addition to the high-end cars like the Audi e-Tron and BMW iX. The vehicle is engineered and designed in the US and manufactured in China.

The company has initiated a selling price of the car of Rs. 24 lacs, inclusive of import duty of Rs. 4.5 lacs. Similarly, Rs 12 lacs is the partial booking price after which the model will be delivered within 4-5 months.

Moreover, this EV incorporates a single-motor lithium battery with an approximate power range of 200 kilometers per full charge, if the car is driven in ECO mode. Likely, when driven in sports mode the range comes down to 120-30 kilometers on a full charge.


Furthermore, the car has a modern European look with halogen headlights along with the intended pattern in the front. The honeycombed radiator grille in black color adds to the overall elegance of the model.

Similarly, the 13-inch alloy wheels, non-retractable side view mirrors with indicators, and a variety of seven different colors including a dual-tone option make the car more attractive to the customers. Additionally, the reverse lights on the bumper, reverse parking sensors, and wide boot space are the exclusive features of the Rinco Aria.

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The model’s interior is available in two unique interior color options: rust and grey. The car is designed with modern features such as a digital infotainment touchscreen incorporated with Android Auto and Apple Car Play system.

Moreover, the instrument cluster provides all essential information, including battery percentage, speed, range, etc. Similarly, to enhance the comfortable traveling experience the seats are cushioned and are 4-way manually adjustable. Likewise, the spacious legroom in the rear seats and the elevated high roof add more to the comfort while driving.


Rinco Aria incorporates exclusive features like power steering, power windows, and central locking. Likely, the gear selection is also accompanied by the buttons for the drive, reverse, and neutral. Moreover, the manual handbrake, headlight adjustment, sports mode, trunk opening, and AC control are the essential features of the model.

The model has a wide range of power and speed adjustments as in ECO mode the car’s maximum speed is 60km/hour, while in sports mode, the speed goes up to 100km/hour.

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This EV model also incorporates basic safety features like the ABS, seatbelts, and an ISOFIX child seat in the rear. However, airbags are unavailable in this model. Furthermore, the average battery life of the model is around 7-8 years. However, Nayyar Motors provides a battery warranty for only 3 years.

Therefore, Rinco Aria has great potential in the EV market as it comes with distinct features and modern technology along with an affordable price range in the country.