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Thursday, June 6, 2024

Robber in Karachi dies after being caught, tortured by citizens

The dacoit was subjected to brutal torture and succumbed to his wounds while being shifted to the hospital.

It seems that the citizens of Karachi are taking matters into their own hands as the metropolis witnesses an alarming rate of street crime. An alleged robber died after being caught and then tortured by Karachi citizens.

According to the details, three dacoits tried to loot a citizen in the Metroville area of Karachi but they faced resistance from him. The locals were alarmed by the scene and surrounded the gang of dacoits. The locals caught one of the dacoits while his accomplices managed to flee.

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The dacoit was subjected to brutal torture and succumbed to his wounds while being shifted to the hospital. Several videos surfaced on social media that showed citizens resisting street criminals after law enforcers’ inaction to control the robberies and other crimes, whereas, Karachi police also intensified crackdowns to curb the street crimes.

Street crime in Karachi

Karachi has always been a victim of street crimes. Earlier this year, a media report emerged stating that Karachi witnessed 11,000 incidents of robberies in the first two months of 2022.

Five people lost their lives, while 29 others were injured resisting robbery bids in Karachi during the first 12 days of January alone. A total of 80 persons received injuries for resisting the robberies 1.5 months into 2022.

Since then street crimes continue to rack up, instilling fear among the residents of Karachi. A total of 71 people have been killed and almost 300 people sustained injuries during street crimes in the city in the past eight months. Almost 12 citizens lost their lives over resistance in different parts of the city in September.


Earlier, Karachi’s Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) was robbed at gunpoint by four men in two motorcycles. The Karachi DSP was on his way home from a bank when he was chased by the robbers. The robbers held the Karachi DSP at gunpoint and snatched Rs 800,000 and two mobile phones. The idea of a DSP getting robbed at gunpoint has raised alarm and a deepening sense of insecurity in Karachi.

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