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Friday, May 17, 2024

Saba Qamar denies rumours of Qandeel family mistreatment

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Saba Qamar issued a clarification to the recent accusations made by a social activist on the team of ‘Baaghi’. The Baaghi actress in her post turned down all the allegations and termed it a mere rumour. She denied the team has exploited Qandeel Baloch’s family.

The actress in her post shared the stance earlier made by the producer of the drama serial Nina Kashif.

The actress clarified that the producers had taken prior permission with the due process from Qandeel’s parents before it went into production.


Today is the last episode of BAAGHI but before i write further i would like to clarify few things..in response to some FALSE rumours on fb/social media. First of all i would like to Thank all my viewers and people associated to the success of the esteemed project. Just to clarify 1. We had taken PROPER PERMISSION for the DRAMA SERIAL from the parents, despite the fact that there were only few incidents that were taken from Qandeel s life. 2. The permission was in Urdu so everyone could understand. 3.It was signed by them, they asked for a certain amount in return to which we happily agreed as we in any case wanted to give compensation. I am shocked to see such baseless rumours being spread by someone who has no basis for this. All the information that is being falsely spread is WRONG and BASELESS. it would be nice if people can have their facts checked before making baseless allegations. We understand that it is a sensitive subject and we have handled it in a responsible manner. #sabaqamar @ninakashif @urdu1tv @baaghi_official #shaziakhan #umeraahmed @rind_farooq @zainablakhani

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She added that although only a few incidents were taken from Qandeel’s life, they gave her parents a certain amount in exchange. Saba went on to add that she was simply shocked by witnessing such baseless rumours against her.

Recently social rights activist Nighat Dad accused the producer of ‘Baaghi’ of exploiting Qandeel Baloch’s parents.

Nina Kashif immediately responded to the rumours and said that in exchange for buying the rights of a story from Qandeel’s parents, they have paid them an amount.

The controversy was stirred just before the final episode of the drama was to be aired on February 1st, 2018.

The final episode of the drama serial, however, left the viewers in tears. While everyone shared their heart-wrenching tweets, Osman Khalid Butt the protagonist in the drama serial, too shared his video of shedding tears on the last episode of the show. 

The drama serial, however, has raised multiple questions on our incapability to tackle the problem of ‘honor killing’ in our society.

I was not able to understand why was I crying.After all that was just a fictional story.But that was not only a story that was story of our society in which we are living.Where men are given free hand to kill their sisters,daughters and wives in the name of fake respect.#baaghi

The drama shed light on the way Qandeel Baloch was treated and abused in society for her controversial videos.

Her brother was the one who murdered her in the name of “honour”. The case is in the court while she awaits justice from the legal system of our country.

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The serial highlighted the stark reality of our society. While Baloch was attacked for her controversial videos, she was providing for her family too. 

There is a need to tackle the hypocrisy that exists in our country. As a society, we need to protect the status of women and enforce strict punishments to deter ‘honour killings’.