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Thursday, February 15, 2024

Saba Qamar dishes on new telefilm ‘Iss Dil Ki Essi Ki Tessi’ with Farhan Syed

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Coming off the success of her Bollywood debut Hindi Medium and her hit Urdu1 show Baaghi Saba Qamar had one hell of a year in 2017. The Pakistani actress who rose to fame by hosting Hum Sab  Umeed Se Hain and appeared in hit TV dramas like Dastaan and Digest Writer has amassed a large number of followers from Pakistan and abroad.

After she starred in well known local features like Manto and Lahore Say Aagey, Qamar worked in her first Bollywood feature film Hindi Medium which not only received massive acclaim by critics but is also ranked among the highest grossing Indian films of all time. Since then, there have been rumors that Qamar is looking for projects in Hollywood but while not much is known about that, we do know now that Qamar will be starring in an Eid telefilm called Iss Dil Ki Essi Ki Tessi.

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Starring Farhan Syed as the male lead, the telefilm is a comedic love story and is full of twists according to Qamar. This will mark the singer turned actor, Farhan Syed’s next project after the highly successful Hum TV comedy Suno Chanda. Speaking to the Express Tribune the star dished on the project and why she chose it:

“It wasn’t a long-commitment like a drama serial, but more of a one-hour telefilm that serves as a cute, love story and entertainer for the occasion. I don’t want to give away too much, but it has some really exciting twists and a lot of drama as well,. I like doing comedy as well. I’ve always wanted for it to go on the side. I want all the flavours, I don’t want to cry or be known as a serious performer, or even a film-actor alone. I want to touch every medium; I can’t limit myself. I want to do it all, which includes telefilms and even if I’m asked to host a show today, I would. ” she stated.

The actress also dished on how it was working with the Pee Jaon singer, commenting on his excellence as an actor. “I really enjoyed working with Farhan. Honestly, compared to most of the established heroes we have, he has a lot energy and that is the best thing in an actor. His comic timing and delivery are so on-point that you can’t make-out whether he’s a singer first or an actor. Like me, Farhan’s an easy going person, very simple and sweet.”

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The actress was careful not to give too much away about the telefilm but complimented director Ahson Talish for making the set comfortable which is certainly good for Qamar who was recently a target of internet trolls who started shaming her after BTS pictures of her leaked without her permission, prompting many in the industry to lash out at the naysayers.

Whether or not her telefilm proves to be a hit remains to be seen but the actress also revealed that she was already close to signing for her next drama series, set to dole out later this year. Let’s hope it’s as terrific as the slew of work the star has been putting out recently.