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Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Sadiq Khan demands an apology from British Government for ‘Amritsar Massacre’

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In a bold statement, Mayor of London Sadiq Khan has called on the British Government to apologize for the horrific Amritsar Massacre of 1919 that claimed the lives of 379 people.

He said that it was ‘shameful’ that successive governments had failed to apologize for the killings at Jallianwala Bagh.

In 1919, British Army troops fired machine guns into a crowd of unarmed protestors that were gathered for a festive celebration for ‘Baisakhi’.

The Mayor said: “It is one of the most horrific events in Indian history and it is shameful that successive British Governments have fallen short of delivering a formal apology almost 100 years on.”

He added the pictures of laying flowers on the memorial for this horrific event on his Twitter account. He has asked the UK government to offer full and formal apology for the massacre.

Meanwhile, Sadiq Khan arrived in Lahore, Pakistan through Wagah border from India on 6th December.

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Khan is on his tour to India-Pakistan and will visit Karachi and Islamabad too before heading back home to the UK.

It is his first trip to Pakistan since his mayoral elections. And he seems to be relishing every bit to reconnect with his cultural roots in Pakistan.

He has successively become the first British politician to cross the border from India to Pakistan.

The primary aim behind the visits is to strengthen the bilateral trade ties of UK with India and Pakistan with a specific focus laid to grow their partnership in the technological sector.

Here are the glimpses from his first day in Lahore: