Sales of Ivanka Trump products jump in 2016

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When your father is the President, the world is your oyster as the saying goes. It was reported that the sales of Ivanka Trump´s clothing brand soared by over 61 percent in 2016, the company that manufactures products for the president´s daughter´s line and other brands said on Monday.

G-III Apparel Group company released its annual report in which it showed that figures have jumped by 61 percent in wholesale revenues from February 2016 till January 2017.

Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus dropped Trump´s clothing and accessories under pressure from the “Grab Your Wallet” boycott campaign.

These numbers, however, do not include data for February when the department stores Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus dropped Trump´s clothing and accessories under pressure from the “Grab Your Wallet” boycott campaign, which maintains a list of companies that sell products or support her father Donald.

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“Go buy Ivanka’s stuff, is what I would say,” Kellyanne Conway told interviewers on the Fox & Friends TV program last week. “It’s a wonderful line.”

The stores’ decision prompted a controversy in the US because, Trump´s white house advisor, Kellyanne Conway called on viewers during a television interview to buy Ivanka Trump merchandise. Critics said her comments highlighted the conflicts of interest of a White House run by the billionaire businessman advised by family members. Even greater criticism was given to her father, who after he was US President, tweeted against Nordstrom when they decided to drop her line, citing reasons of lower sales of her line.

Ivanka Trump products generated revenue of $47.3 million in the reporting period, compared with $29.4 million the previous year.

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The G-III Apparel Group – which also produces clothes for Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, Levi´s and Karl Lagerfeld – said the Ivanka Trump brand is among the top three that contributed to an increase in its operating profit. That amounted to $840.9 million, against $836.8 million the year before.

Still, the Ivanka Trump brand represented only 1.97 percent of G-III Apparel´s total revenues.


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