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Thursday, July 18, 2024

Salman Khan discusses challenging side of his acting career

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Salman Khan in his interview at the Global TIE Summit said his journey towards stardom and fame was not easy. The actor believes he too endured difficulties in his life but like other people, his profession did not allow him to express his vulnerable side to the world.

“My profession is such that I have to look good, dress up, do stylized action sequences and romance. Articles come up about my affairs, me working with beautiful heroines and then suddenly a court date comes up. People see me on Big Boss in which I am laughing and joking,” Khan said.

“So, people think I don’t give a damn about things. That is the most difficult part of our journey as actors. No matter what you are going through at your home or in your personal life, you can’t have sub-titles there. You have to be that character, no matter what you are going through.”

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He recalled his initial days in the industry and said he feared that he might fail as an actor in the industry since Amir Khan, too, made his debut simultaneously in the hit movie “Qayamat se Qayamat Tak.” He feared being mocked by his friends in case he failed to survive in the industry.

“The journey I began with Maine Pyar Kiya, not knowing if I would make it, and at that time it was difficult because there was another actor who had started his career and he had been a big hit. That kid’s name was Aamir Khan. He was from the same locality. I thought that he made it and if I didn’t make it, the whole Bandra will start laughing at me. So, my concern was only Bandra-Pali Hill and the friends’ circle, which just had four-five people,” he added.