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Friday, May 24, 2024

Sana Javed expresses her immense pride in her husband, Shoaib Malik

Sana expressed her pride in her husband through a series of Instagram Stories, sharing a news snippet highlighting Shoaib's recent achievement.

Congratulations and best wishes are pouring in for the newly united couple, cricketer Shoaib Malik and actor Sana Javed, who recently celebrated their wedding in an intimate ceremony. Sana expressed her pride in her husband through a series of Instagram Stories, sharing a news snippet highlighting Shoaib’s recent achievement.

The cricketer has now become the first batsman in Asia to surpass the milestone of 13,000 runs in T20 cricket. Sana, in her Instagram Stories, expressed her pride with a “MashAllah, so proud” caption alongside a red heart emoji.

In addition to celebrating Shoaib’s achievement, Sana shared a post from blogger Irfanistan, who extended heartfelt wishes to the newlywed couple and took a handwritten prayer for their well-being to Makkah. Sana thanked the blogger and added, “Ameen, thank you.”

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Previously, Shoaib and Sana announced their sudden marriage on social media, unveiling enchanting snapshots from their wedding festivities. The caption expressed gratitude with “Alhamdulillah” followed by the verse “And We created you in pairs.” The images captured the couple in a warm embrace, adorned in harmoniously coordinated ensembles.

The unexpected announcement has taken the public by surprise, rapidly spreading across various social media channels. Shoaib, previously married to former tennis star Sania Mirza, and Sana, who was married to singer Umair Jaswal, surprised their fans with the unexpected revelation on a tranquil Saturday morning. The abrupt disclosure has left many in awe, struggling to assimilate this surprising turn of events.

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The internet is buzzing with discussions and speculations about the unanticipated union, with fans expressing their astonishment and curiosity. Shoaib and Sana’s decision to share their joy on social media has captivated their followers, triggering an outpouring of well-wishes and congratulations from admirers.

As news continues to circulate online, the unexpected nuptials of Shoaib and Sana have become a focal point of interest, injecting excitement into the celebrity news sphere. With the public eagerly awaiting more insights into this newfound partnership, the sudden revelation has undeniably added a layer of intrigue to the unfolding narrative of their union.