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Thursday, February 15, 2024

Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves confess to having a crush on each other

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Hollywood actor Keanu Reeves has revealed that he had a crush on his former co-star Sandra Bullock during the shooting of Speed back in 1994.

The actor appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, where the host showed a clip from the episode with Bullock, in which she was asked about working with him.


“I think about how sweet Keanu Reeves was and how handsome he was,” Bullock said.


“It was hard for me to really be serious!”

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Sadly, though, the two never got together – with Bullock adding: “I never dated him. There was something about me that I guess he didn’t like!”


Responding to the clip, Reeves said, “She obviously didn’t know I had a crush on her either.”


I can’t believe you both had crushes on each other, and you were so scared,” DeGeneres said. To which he replied, “we were working!”.