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Sunday, November 26, 2023

Sara Inam murder case— accused attempted to tamper with evidence

There were some new developments in the Sara Inam murder investigation as the police disclosed that the suspect attempted to tamper with the evidence.

On Sunday, there were some new developments in the Sara Inam murder investigation as the police disclosed that the suspect, Shahnawaz Amir, the son of renowned journalist Ayaz Amir, attempted to tamper with the evidence.

Six mobile phones were reportedly found at the crime site, five of which belonged to Shahnawaz and one of which was registered in the victim’s name, according to the police.

The accused used the dumbbells, the murder weapon, to smash both his own and his wife’s phones in order to wipe the data, according to the police.

“The accused tried to conceal evidence in the case by breaking the mobile phones that he used to contact the victim,” police sources told.

According to reports, the police have sent all recovered phones for forensic examination. They added that by reviewing the data from the mobile phones, they will determine the cause of the couple’s argument.

Sources claim that the accused also used scissors to sever the victim’s Canadian passport, rendering it useless. The scissors and fragments of her passport were found at the crime scene, according to the police.

According to police sources, the car that was purchased for Sara has been seized and brought to the police station.

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On Friday, September 24, the police detained the accused Shahnawaz because he was a suspect in the death of his wife. He admitted to the crime and claimed that he “thought” his wife was having an extramarital affair.

Sara was allegedly slain by Shahnawaz at her residence on Friday in the Chak Shahzad neighbourhood of the federal capital, according to a spokeswoman for the Islamabad Police.

The defendant told the police that the victim was his third wife when they got married three months ago, according to the preliminary inquiry into the matter.

On Friday, police filed a first information report (FIR) in response to Station House Officer (SHO) Nawazish Ali Khan’s complaint under Section 302 of the Pakistan Penal Code (which deals with penalty for murder) (PPC).

According to the FIR, Samina Shah, the mother of the suspect, called the police on Friday to report that her son, Shahnawaz, had killed his wife with a dumbbell.

The day before, police arrested the accused’s father, senior journalist Ayaz Amir, after securing arrest warrants for him and his ex-wife in the murder case.

The Pakistan Penal Code’s Section 109 (penalty for abetment) was amended at the request of Colonel (retd) Ikram and Zia-ur-Rahim, Sara’s uncles, who have accused Amir and his ex-wife of being responsible for their niece’s murder. Amir was escorted to the Shahzad Town police station.