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Thursday, February 15, 2024

Saudi Arabia to build a huge mosque in Islamabad’s university

Saudi Arabia's King Salman has agreed to build a mosque in International Islamic University, Islamabad. The mosque will be built along with a research and cultural center.

In a bid to strengthen the Saudi-Pakistan relationship, King Salman has approved a project to build a grand mosque at the new campus of International Islamic University (IIU) campus in Islamabad.

The mosque, named the King Salman bin Abdulaziz Mosque, will be built along with a research and cultural center at the new campus.

The entire project is worth $32 million and will cover an area of 41,200 square meters. It will include a prayer hall, a library, a museum, all named after King Salman who is the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques.

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The project will also have a conference hall named after Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman, in addition to administrative facilities and ancillary services.

The mosque alone will have a capacity of 12,000 worshippers. Both the prayer hall and the courtyard of the mosque can accommodate about 6000 worshippers each. The ablution facilities for men and women occupy an area of 1000 square meters.

The proposed model of the mosque is said to be an exceptional representation of Islamic art and architecture.

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The research center

As for the research center, it will focus on the Arabic language, Islamic culture, and heritage. The center will be equipped with digital technology to provide online Arabic courses from Islamabad to the whole world.

In addition to this, according to an IIU official, Saudi Arabia would send 15 professors from some of the top universities in the kingdom to teach Arabic, Shariah, and other Islamic subjects.

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The Saudi professors will be financed by the government of Saudi Arabia. The Saudi government will also announce 250 fully-funded scholarships for needy students in Pakistan.

Prime Minister Imran Khan’s advisor on religious harmony, Hafiz Tahir Ashrafi, said that the people of Pakistan were thankful to the Saudi government for deciding to build the mosque in Islamabad.

“It will be yet another monument of the Saudi-Pak friendship and lead to better progress in the bilateral relations of the two countries,” Hafiz Tahir further added.

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