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Friday, April 12, 2024

Screening of Indian movies banned in Lahore

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Cinemas in Lahore Cantonment have halted the screening of Indian movies. The ban on Indian films has been placed after the producer’s association in India decided not to release the movies in Pakistan.

The decision is retaliation to the hostile attitude shown by India after Pulwama terror attack. They have also retained the ban on Pakistani artists working in Indian film industry. The sources have stated that the ban on Indian movies has been promulgated by the Pakistan Film Exhibitors Association. The association is yet to make the decision pertaining to the screening of Indian movies in the rest of the country.

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“We have closed evening bookings for Indian films and till further announcement only Pakistani and Hollywood films will be screened in cinemas,” Manager of a cinema located in Lahore Cantt told the local publication.

“We are aware of the decision to stop screening Indian films in cantonment areas and that is why we have also stopped the purchasing of Indian films.  It is a matter of our country’s dignity and we support the decision,” said the member of Pakistan’s biggest Indian film importing company.

The member of Pakistan Film Producer’s Association also backed the decision. He stated that “If Indian stakeholders and organizations can take a stand and do everything for the welfare of their country then why can’t we? They have banned our artists and films in the past so what’s stopping us?”

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The petition has also been filed by the citizen named Sheikh Muhammad Latif in Lahore High Court to place a complete ban on the trade, selling, and screening of Indian movies in Pakistan in response to the ban placed on the Pakistani artists. He referred to the Import Policy Order 2016 formulated by the then federal government regarding the imports of all Indian films and other content.