Rapid progress and technology have given us many advantages over those generations that lived before us. We received quality medicine, and life expectancy has never been so long as it is now. However, the products we eat contain less and less useful substances, and very often even cause us frank harm. In this article, we talk about how to get the maximum health benefits from food in our technogenic era.

Try to Eat Fruits and Vegetables Grown in Your Area

A product that has been recently grown or picked in your area is not only tastier but also contains the maximum amount of vitamins and minerals. After harvesting, fruits and vegetables retain most of the nutrients for only 72 hours. Experts rightly point out that store vegetables and fruits most likely have already lost about 15-60% of vitamins.

Vacuum Products to Preserve All the Useful Elements

And in order to preserve the remaining beneficial substances, the best way is to vacuum products using a vacuum sealing system. The vacuum is a space where there are no foreign substances, and in the case of packaging, this means that the food products are isolated, they do not receive air and, as a result, there is no way for bacteria to spread and go into the decomposition stage.

This does not mean that food will be stored forever. However, according to the best vacuum food sealer consumer reports, following all the necessary storage conditions, it will retain its useful qualities for a long time.

Combine Foods for the Best Absorption of Nutrients

Many cuisines of the world combine certain products together. For example, Italians combine greens, lemon and olive oil. The “right” combination of products not only allows you to achieve great taste but also helps us better absorb nutrients.

Buy Healthy Foods Every Time When It Is Possible

Healthy foods are those that have gone the shortest possible way from growing to your plate. For example, you can cook potato chips yourself using olive oil and avoiding chemical dyes and flavorings. Replace store juices and fruit bars with fresh fruit. Healthy foods not only provide more energy but also contribute to weight loss.

Cook Only Those Vegetables That Enhance Their Benefits in the Process

In the process of preparing many vegetables, 15 to 55% of useful substances are lost. However, some vegetables retain most of their nutrients during the heat treatment process. For example, the heat treatment of tomatoes significantly increases the bioavailability of the antioxidant lycopene, which is contained in this red vegetable. Studies show that when we cook tomatoes for 30 minutes, the body is able to absorb 25% more lycopene than if we ate a raw tomato. And if you cook (stew, bake) tomatoes, sweet potatoes, and carrots, then the powerful antioxidant beta-carotene will be absorbed much better.


Perhaps we should not say that eating and drinking alcohol, as well as drinking coffee and smoking at the same time, are extremely bad habits. The modern development of civilization has already made sure that we exist as far as possible from our natural origins. And this, according to the experience of our ancestors, was precisely the basis of health and longevity.