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Friday, May 24, 2024

Shaan Shahid opposes PTV airing Turkish serial, Dirilis Ertugrul

Pakistani actor, Shaan Shahid, has kick started an interesting debate on twitter. He argues that there is no need for celebrating the Turkish warriors. Instead, Pakistan should produce such projects on the local heroes of the sub-continent. Can Pakistani industry produce something like Ertugrul? Read if Shaan can defend his arguments.

Actor Shaan Shahid is unhappy with PTV airing Turkish serial, Dirilis Ertugrul. He believes that the state should promote and produce local content instead.

The actor added that there is no need for celebrating the Turkish warriors. Instead, Pakistan should produce such projects on the local heroes of the sub-continent. His comments came in response to senator Faisal Javed’s tweet. The senator had shared the link of PTV’s YouTube channel airing Dirilis Ertugrul.

The actor wrote, “Try to find our history and it’s heroes.”

Shaan Shahid engages in a Twitter debate

His comments triggered a debate between him and social media users supporting the state’s decision to air Turkish serial-Dirilis Ertugrul.

Social media users slammed the criticism by Shaan Shahid. A Twitter user said that the history of the sub-continent primarily features the Mughal empire who lived an opulent lifestyle. Moreover, so much has already been produced on these Mughal emperors and 1947 partition. Hence, there is no harm in telling the youth about Muslim heroes irrespective of their origin.

Shaan Shahid dissented the popular opinion on Dirilis Ertugrul. He argued that PTV should produce epic like these on local heroes. Also, he added that the state’s decision of airing Dirilis Ertugrul is harming the local entertainment industry.

Another user argued that Osman Ghazi and Ertugrul Ghazi are Muslim heroes. So, the actor must not fall for racial discrimination.

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But Shaan Shahid continued to defend his argument. Another user asked Shaan Shahid to produce mega projects like Dirilis Ertugrul. To which, he said, such projects are difficult to make without the support of the state. He says the government needs to make such policies to support the industry.

He says PTV should make use of the funds given to them from the taxpayer’s money. But, despite incessant opposition from the social media, Shaan Shahid continued to discount Dirilis Ertugrul.

Pakistan raving for Dirilis Ertugrul

Meanwhile, Pakistanis are raving for historical epic Dirilis Ertugrul ever since the broadcast of its episode on PTV. The serial is a huge success for PTV with the broadcast of its first episode. As per the latest statistics shared by PTV, Ertugrul Ghazi is trending atop on Pakistan’s social media.

The first episode of Ertugrul Ghazi has received 318,000 views and still counting. Moreover, PTV Home has registered an exponential rise in its viewership and subscription on YouTube. PTV says 40,000 new subscribers have subscribed to PTV’s YouTube channel in a day.

PTV broadcasted the first episode of Dirilis Ertugrul on the 1st of Ramzan. Since then, the serial trends atop on Pakistan Twitter with hashtags #ErtugrulUrduPTV and #ErtugrulUrduPTV.

Dirilis Ertugrul’s characters, storyline, and powerful dialogues have influenced the Pakistani audience. Ertugrul is a historic romantic fiction serial about a Turkish nomadic leader, Ertugrul, in the 13th century, who is supposedly the father of Osman – the founder of the majestic Ottoman Empire.

It is a serialized tv production by Turkish Radio and TV (TRT-1) and was first broadcasted in December 2014. Given its huge popularity, it kept increasing its episodes.

Imran Khan’s called for Resurrection Ertugrul

Prime Minister Imran Khan wanted the Pakistan youth to watch drama serial Dirilis Ertugrul because he wanted Pakistanis to study the rise of Turks and their glorious rule in Europe for centuries. Hence, he insisted that all the five seasons of the serial should be dubbed in Urdu for the Pakistani audience.

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His calls for the broadcast of a Turkish show on a Pakistani television results from a tri-nation pact between Malaysia, Pakistan, and Turkey to counter Islamophobia and restore the honour of Muslim Ummah, globally.

The show shatters the concept of Muslim rulers as cruel, war-monger, and blood-thirsty warlords. The shows feature Ertugrul and other characters a protagonist’s. Who takes a wise, balanced, and humble decision in complex situations. Upholding the principles of justice in every situation.