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Thursday, February 15, 2024

Shaan Shahid snubs SRK for dubbing Mufasa in the reboot of Lion King 2

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Pakistani on-screen actor Shan Shahid is disillusioned with Bollywood entertainer Shah Rukh Khan voicing over Mufasa’s character in the Hindi adaptation of the Lion King 2.

Shah Rukh Khan would be dubbing Mufasa in the reboot of Lion King while his son, Aryaan, will lend his voice to the character of Simba. He recently shared a video clip on Twitter featuring his son Aryan Khan with the caption: “Mera Simba”.

Shaan retweeted SRK, “Please don’t destroy an iconic film with [a] Hindi dub. No difference in Shah Rukh’s voice, it’s like any other voiceover he does for his films. At least change your voice expression for a lion’s dub.”

He added; “James Earl Jones must be laughing. What Shah Rukh failed to understand is, that the characters in the film are sketched according to the dubbing artist’s facial expressions… if you see Simba he resembles Matthew Brodrick.”

However, Bollywood director, Karan Johar expressed his excitement over Aryaan Khan dubbing Simba’s character.

“Pardon my excitement! But Aryan is the firstborn in our family! And even just hearing his voice has made me so so excited! And without bias he sounds amazing,” Karan tweeted.


Other Indian fans have given their responses on the video tweeted by Shah Rukh Khan. The voices of father-son duo hold uncanny resemblances.

An astonished Twitter user tweeted, “Shah Rukh, it’s like you alone dubbed for Simba. I thought it was you! Your voices are exactly the same.”

Celebrity photographer Atul Kasbekar added: “The apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree, Shah!”

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In the original version, actor James Earl Jones has returned to voice Mufasa, while Donald Grover plays Simba in Lion King 2.

Beyoncé voices the character of Nala – Simba’s love interest. Fans can watch Lion King 2 in cinemas on the 19th of July.