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Sunday, April 14, 2024

Shahid Afridi bought Bangladesh’s Mushfiqur Rahim’s bat for $20,000

Bangladeshi cricketer Mushfiqur Rahim thanked Shahid Afridi for supporting his corona relief efforts in Bangladesh. Meanwhile, Shahid Afridi said "His organization believes human suffering & empathy is beyond borders. Hope this small token will help to build bigger bridges."

Pakistani star cricketer, Shahid Afridi has bought the bat of a Bangladeshi cricketer Mushfiqur Rahim for USD 20,000. Bangladeshi cricketer had auctioned the bat for a charity to help victims of coronavirus.

Reportedly, cricketer, Shahid Afridi stepped in after fake bid had halted the auction. On May 19th Bangladesh’s all-rounder cricketer had put up his special bat for auction to raise charity for the coronavirus victims in his country. In a tweet, he said the auctioned bat was special for him as he scored Bangladesh‘s first Test Double Hundred against Sri Lanka in 2013 with it.


Shahid Afridi contacted Mushfiqur Rahim

Mushfiqur Rahim said ‘this bat is very precious’ to him. As he scored his maiden double hundred in Test. “Lots of memory is attached with it but decided to auction it for the welfare for my countrymen who are COVID-19 victims”, wrote Rahim in a tweet. “Please come forward and let me help them. Stay tuned for further information-MR15,” he wrote further.

However, auction halted after fake offers soared the price to USD 50,000. “Afridi contacted me personally and I sent him a link of the bid,” Mushfiqur Rahim said on Friday.

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“On May 13 he sent me a letter and offered USD 20,000. He bought my bat with this money. I am really privileged,” he said.

The management of Mushfiqur Rahim said that the received money will go to a development charity and help people with coronavirus.

Shahid Afridi, a philanthropic, called it a good purchase. He shared the news with his fans and followers on Twitter.

“Cricket is to bind. In the divisive world of today, we must look forward to better tomorrow; its always up to us to take 1st step,” wrote Shahid Afridi. The star cricketer who runs a charity organization further added that his organization ‘@SAFoundationN believes human suffering & empathy is beyond borders. Hope this small token will help to build bigger bridges.’

Mushfiqur Rahim thanked Shahid Afridi

Also, the International Cricket Council too informed the news on its Twitter account. Meanwhile, Mushfiqur Rahim expressed gratitude to Shahid Afridi on his Twitter account. He shared the video message of Shahid Afridi on social media. The Pakistani cricketer expressed solidarity with the people of Bangladesh during the testing time of coronavirus. He asserted that he has received a lot of love and warmth from the people of Bangladesh. So, the purchase of the bat is a small token of return of love.

Afridi further said that entire humanity is together in this pandemic coronavirus. He said he hopes pandemic will end soon and two countries will soon meet again at the cricket field.

Food Drive in Pakistan

Meanwhile, in Pakistan Shahid Afridi is running an extensive food drive across the country. Starting from Karachi, crossing the plains of Sindh, he recently reached Azad Jammu & Kashmir to distribute ration among destitute. He even reached out to people in remote areas of tribal regions and distributed food among them.

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He informed that his organization has distributed ration to 22,000 families across Pakistan since the coronavirus lockdown began in Pakistan.