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Monday, April 15, 2024

Shahid Afridi reveals what advice he gave to Afghan player Naveed-ul-Haq

Pakistani skipper, Shahid Afridi on Tuesday revealed what advice he gave to Afghan player Naveed-ul-Haq after the Lankan Premier League.

On Tuesday, Pakistani skipper Shahid Afridi revealed what advice he gave to Afghan player Naveed-ul-Haq after the Lankan Premier League.

On Monday, Afridi’s video showing scolding an Afghan player at the end of a match between Galle Gladiators and Kandy Tuskers went viral. He had reprimanded the player for misbehaving with Pakistani player Muhammad Amir, who is also part of the cricket league and is playing from Gladiators under the leadership of Afridi.

Later Afridi opened up about his conversation with the Afghan player in a tweet. He said he asked the player not to resort to abuse with senior players. The former Pakistani player added that he has friends in the Afghan cricket team, and Pakistan also enjoys cordial relations with the team.

“My advice to the young player was simple, play the game and don’t indulge in abusive talk. I have friends in the Afghanistan team, and we have very cordial relations. Respect for teammates and opponents is the basic spirit of the game,” said Afridi in a tweet.


Amir also commented on Afridi’s tweet. He agreed with what Afridi said in a tweet.

Shahid Afridi in a spat with Afghan player

A video of Afridi scowling at Haq at the end of the match between Kandy Tuskers and Galle Gladiators went viral. The incident happened when the teams went for a handshake after the match. Haq’s Tuskers had beat Afridi’s Gladiators.

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According to reports, the altercation started after the 18th over; when Amir hit a four during Haq’s bowling. The right-arm pacer Haq allegedly abused Amir after the over, which led to an unpleasant argument. The teammates of Tuskers had to intervene to end the argument between the two players. However, the drama again picked up when Amir hit a six to Haq in the last over. Losing control of his temper, Haq again abused Amir. The argument between the two cricketers continued even after the match.

Afridi, upset with the attitude of the young Afghani pace, confronted him during the handshake. The video of Afridi slamming Afghani cricketer went viral on social media last night. During the handshake, Afridi asked Haq ‘what happened’ with an angry look on his face.

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Earlier, the Afghan cricket team met Prime Minister Imran Khan on his maiden one day tour to Afghanistan on Thursday.

The Afghan cricket team presented a cricket bat signed by the entire team to PM Imran Khan as a souvenir when he visited Afghanistan on his maiden trip last month. The players had expressed delight in meeting the cricketing legend and current premier of Pakistan, Imran Khan.

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