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Sunday, April 14, 2024

Shaniera Akram wants to join Police force to catch rapists

As harrowing news of another little girl being brutally raped and then killed takes over, Shaneira Akram voices her anger and frustration over the incident. Taking to Twitter, Shaneira Akram expressed how she wants to join the police force to personally catch the monsters responsible for such disturbing acts.

Shaniera Akram, the wife of Wasim Akram, says she wants to join the Police force to catch the rapists herself as she expressed her outrage at the recent brutal incident of raping and killing of a six-year-old girl in Karachi.

The incident triggered a nationwide outrage after another brutal incident of raping a minor girl has been reported. Akram made a series of tweets in which she voiced her extreme anger on the rise in cases of sexual abuse against women and children.

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The six-year-old girl went missing from Korangi on Tuesday night and her body was found on Wednesday morning. The medical examination revealed that the girl was subjected to rape and murder.

“Things have got to change, it’s got to stop. Things have to change as it stands today, no child in Pakistan is safe”, said Shaniera in a tweet. She highlighted the deep-rooted issue of child sexual abuse in Pakistan, she added, “We are not just dealing with groomers and hidden rock spiders amongst our communities. We are currently dealing with predators whose sole intention is to go out to rape and kill our children!”

Shaniera Akram went on to say, “Until every child is safe, No children are safe! This little girl, the same age as mine, went out to play and never came back. Tell me to stop talking about it, Go on I dare you?? This happened 20 min from my home. This happened in my city, this is happening in our country. And this keeps on happening! Tell me to stop? I won’t! #6yearOldRapedAndMurdered #Korangi #Karachi.”

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She added that she would not listen to the justification that it happens everywhere. “Stop telling me this happens everywhere. I’m telling you it’s happening in Pakistan. And I refuse to ignore it until our country does something about it! Too much pain, too much blood spilled. Not enough awareness. Not enough is being done to stop it. When will it end?”

In the end, she said that “forget going into politics. I want to join the police force and rangers to go get these monsters myself. Nothing would make me happier!”