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Thursday, February 15, 2024

Shazia Marri: “We play the ‘victim card’ because we are victimized.”

Shazia Ata Marri, Pakistan People's Party MNA, rebuffed prominent news anchor Kashif Abbasi for trifling the cases of sexual harassment reported by women.

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Shazia Atta Marri, along with PTI’s MNA Andleeb Abbas, appeared on Kashif Abbasi’s show which discussed the recent controversy of Chairman NAB having an inappropriate telephonic conversation with a woman. The news channel, News One, had first aired the alleged audio-video tape, claiming the voice of the man in the tape to be of Chairman NAB, Javed Iqbal.

Mari discussed the scandal which has put at stake the credibility of the Chairman NAB. During the discussion, Shazia Atta Marri demanded that the case should be investigated since it could constitute as harassment to which Kashif Abbasi said that it seems consensual.

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”Aap auraton ke liye bohot asaan hai shor daalna: harassment! Harassment! Harassment! [It’s very easy for you women to cause a ruckus claiming harassment]”, said Kashif Abbasi while objecting to the opinion of Shazia Marri.

Shazia Marri, however, rebuffed and reminded the host that sexual harassment is a painful reality of society which haunts every woman who goes through it. Explaining the reason why women report cases is because they really do experience harassment.

Shazia Marri was quick to correct him: “Shor nahi daaltay hum harassment ka, harassment hoti hai (We don’t just make a commotion about harassment, harassment actually happens). For God’s sake, I thought you’re a sensitized man but I’m having my doubts today.”

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Abbasi still didn’t get it and argued, “You women always play the victim card.”

“We play the ‘victim card’ because we are victimised. To be very honest, we’re living in a society, in fact, a world, where women are more vulnerable [than men],” she effectively added.

With reference to the Chairman NAB scandal, no further action has been taken against him as political parties have called it a conspiracy to taint his character publicly. Twitter too has given a strong reaction to the Abbasi’s statement.