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Thursday, February 15, 2024

Sheikh Rasheed would not have let Imran divorce Jemima

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Recently, the leader of Awami Muslim League Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed said that he would have prevented the divorce between Imran Khan and Jemima Goldsmith if he was friends with the chief of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Imran Khan at the time.

Despite the split, Jemima Goldsmith regularly pays an earnest tribute to her ex-husband Imran Khan especially highlighting the undying love he has for his country and the people that live there.

She said, “Before the divorce, I asked Imran Khan to leave Pakistan and get settle with me in London. My dad also offered him a running business in Europe, but he refused to leave Pakistan”

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She still remembers Khan’s words, “I will leave you but I will never leave my country and my country fellows.” She later continued about Imran saying “he is the truest patriot I have ever seen in my whole life. His honesty, his patriotism towards his country, towards his people is highly appreciated. He will die for his country but he will never compromise on his country’s dignity!

After hearing Jemima defend Imran Khan during the Bani Gala estate case, Sheikh Rasheed stated “I am impressed by Jemima… she has brilliantly defended Imran in the Bani Gala estate case.”

Over time, Jemima has shown her loyalty to Khan. She continues to stand up for him whenever a crisis befalls him.

Their cordial and supportive relationship proves that a couple can still remain friends, even after a divorce.

This high profile couple had a nine-year marriage and the separation was amicable.

Despite confronting controversies, Jemima never hesitated to defend Pakistan.

No civilian PM of Pakistan has ever completed a full 5 yr term. Inshallah, the next one will. https://t.co/OpSlp7y4W4

— Jemima Goldsmith (@Jemima_Khan) July 28, 2017