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Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Shoora e Hamdard steps up to fight against climate change

Pakistan is vulnerable to climate change and not much efforts are being put in by authorities to rectify the threat. Corporate entities as Hamdard have stepped up to fight against the brunt climate change inflicts upon Pakistan.

Pakistan, being one of the highly vulnerable countries to climate change impact, is bearing the brunt of rapidly escalating environmental issues. A major chunk of these criminal conditions includes climate change, water and energy pollution, waste management, salinity and water-logging, irrigated agriculture, biodiversity and several more that are too numerous to count.

Climate change and environmental concerns need to be the focal concern of all development considerations on various levels. Due to the limited resources at its disposal, government efforts alone are not sufficient enough to address challenges resulting from climate change.

Hence, much larger participation and support from other stakeholders is needed to effectively respond to climate issues. Many of our nation’s private corporations have stepped up in their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) to tackle this concern.

Hamdard Pakistan has been a proactive participant in the said sector and has launched a digital campaign through television commercials, supported Prime Minister Imran Khan’s Ten Billion Tree Tsunami, started a heat wave initiative and joined hands with the Ministry of Climate Change to work on a ‘Clean Green Pakistan’.

Recently, Shoora e Hamdard Peshawar under the aegis of Hamdard Foundation held a discussion titled ‘We and Environmental Changes’. Professor Dr. Fakhar-ul-Islam presided over the discussion while Professor. Dr. Saeed Anwar, Head Community Health Sciences Peshawar Medical College was the keynote speaker in the session.

Hakim Muhammad Said established Shoora e Hamdard as one of his many intellectual forums in the 1960s. This forum, along with the others, allowed scholars and specialists to discuss national and ongoing issues that need to come in light.

Speaking on the occasion held recently, Dr. Saeed Anwar said that each and every person living in the society should realize his importance to ensure cleanliness as it is our moral, social and religious responsibility.

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He also expressed that pollution is a factor that is leading to overall global warming besides increasing diseases and epidemics. In fact, strong stress was placed on the masses to play their due role and take steps in an individual capacity and help control pollution.

Pakistan is the 8th most-affected country from climate change and has become a water-stressed country because its reservoirs can store water equivalent to 30 days of consumption, whereas the standard minimum requirement is 120 days.

It is highly commendable that Pakistani corporations are taking their social responsibility seriously and playing an active role in working for Pakistan’s progress towards a greener future.