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Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Sigma launching solar-powered electric cars in Pakistan

Sigma Motorsports is planning to unveil its HS Q4 electric vehicle in three different variants: EV Standard trim (Electric only), EVS Solar (Electric+Solar) and EVS Premium (Electric + Solar + Range Extender).

Just when we were about to bid farewell to an eventful year in terms of automobile launches, we hear that another car is all set to make a mark in the most diverse auto market Pakistan has ever seen. Yes, you heard it right! Sigma Motors is all set to launch its solar-powered electric vehicles in Pakistan.

Reportedly, the one-of-its-kind solar vehicle is being launched as a result of a joint effort put in by United Autos and Sigma Motors. We are still unsure if the two companies will be able to assemble the solar EVs in Pakistan as of now or will import completely built-up units. The prices will vary based on the domestic production capacity of the two automobile companies.

Pakistan recently introduced its first electric vehicle policy for four-wheelers. The policy outlined rules and regulations with regard to the import and export of vehicles as well as taxes and duties imposed on vehicles.

The purpose of the policy is to encourage the domestic production of electric vehicles. Through the policy the removal of additional customs duty and Additional Sales Tax (AST) on the import of EV cars will be achieved.

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Already, luxury brands like Audi and BMW have introduced their electric vehicles in the country; Audi’s e-tron and BMW’s i3. Now the British brand MG is also introducing its ZS electric vehicle in Pakistan.

Towards the end of 2020 multiple international brands entered Pakistan. Among them was a renowned British automobile brand Morris Garages – popularly known as MG which launched its sports utility vehicles MG HS and ZS. A popular Malaysian auto brand called Proton also joined the ranks with its x70 SUV’s launch.

Readers should not get confused with the namesake auto dealership operating in Pakistan labelled Sigma Motors Limited, which was founded in 1994 and since then, it was responsible for the marketing and assembly of Land Rover 4×4’s in Pakistan. While on the other hand, Sigma Motorsports was in the market in the business of selling affordable street bikes. Moreover, they also sell sports bikes along with off-road bikes. The company has grown to become one of Pakistan’s leading motorcycle companies.

Sigma Motorsports is planning to unveil its HS Q4 electric vehicle in three different variants. The first one is called the EV standard trim. Then we have the EVS Solar variant, which has a roof packed with solar cells to provide support to the otherwise electric charging of the vehicle’s battery. Solar roof helps to make the vehicle even more cost-effective and environment friendly. The last trim level and perhaps the most advanced among the three is EVS Premium, which comes with a solar roof, a range extender as well as an A/C. HS Q4 is equipped with an electric motor to charge the car and drive in its “plug and play” mode. Inorder to ensure that users do not run out of fuel in the middle of their journeys, the vehicle comes with a 150-200Km range extender 6L petrol engine too.

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Trim Levels

  • EV Standard
  • EVS Solar (with a solar roof for improved charging)
  • EVS Premium (with a solar roof, a range extender, and an A/C)




EVS Standard (Electric only):Rs. 1,895,000

EVS Solar (Electric+Solar): Rs. 1,995,000

EVS Premium (Electric + Solar + Range Extender): Rs. 2,125,000

Buyers will also get a one-year/ 20,000 km warranty with the vehicle. Which is quite less provided that most vehicles come with 3 year/ 60,000 km warranty these days. The bookings for the EV have already begun; it can be booked with 50% upfront payment. The company claims to deliver the booked cars within 60-75 days.

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Sigma Motorsports is presently offering its electric vehicle in four colours: white, red, blue, and orange.