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Saturday, May 25, 2024

Social media including Whatsapp, YouTube temporarily blocked in Pakistan

As a precautionary measure, the government of Pakistan has temporarily blocked Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, and WhatsApp. The ban is expected to be lifted after 3 pm.

A score of social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube have been temporarily blocked in Pakistan on Friday.

The government has been imposed restrictions on major communication applications of Whatsapp and Twitter as well. Reports of blocking mobile services in several parts of the country also emerged on Friday morning. A close source in Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has confirmed local media outlets about a temporary shutdown of social media in Pakistan.

The source, however, did not inform the reason behind the temporary suspension of social media platforms in Pakistan. Telecommunication services have already been suspended since the past few days in scattered parts of the country relating to the recent law and order situation created by Tehreek-I-Labbaik Pakistan.

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According to social media reports, the government has blocked social media temporarily in Pakistan from 11 AM TO 3 PM reportedly due to the expected protest by TLP after Friday prayers. WhatsApp has been functional without the ability to share videos and pictures.

Ban of TLP

The government of Pakistan this week had banned TLP due to the intense protest and ruckus caused by advocates of TLP after the arrest of Saad Rizvi, the present chief of TLP.

Massive protests broke out across Pakistan with assault on law enforcement agencies and civilian properties causing two police officers to lose their lives, leaving dozens of officers severely injured.

Despite, repeated warnings from the government to disperse and call off the protests, the miscreants continued to obstruct major roads and transport with blockades. Hence, the government retaliated with a ban on the party as a response to challenging the writ of the state.

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To control the confusion and chaos means of spreading information has been blocked by the government of Pakistan.