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Thursday, May 23, 2024

Social media mocks Gaurav Arya for fake letter attributed to Pakistan Army

A retired Indian army officer on Thursday posted a fake letter in an abortive attempt to create a wedge between the country’s armed forces and the people.

With fifth-generation warfare (5GW) at its peak, a retired Indian army officer on Thursday posted a fake letter attributed to high-ranking officials within Pakistan Army in an abortive attempt to create a wedge between the country’s armed forces and the people.

Retired officer Gaurav Arya mocked for fake letter

The fake letter posted by Indian journalist and former major Gaurav Arya, on the microblogging website Twitter, calls on the commander of the Gujranwala Corps to take the necessary measures to address any situation in law and order that occurs as the PML-N workers hold a protest outside his residence while the PTI workers hold a counter protest.

The undated letter, with the wrong logo in the incorrect place, in addition to unsatisfactory lines, immediately became a popular favorite of Twitter users across the country who proceeded to mock the individuals who created the fake document, with the demands to fire them because they ‘do not even know the basics of photo-editing software’.

According to a forensic document examiner, the poorly drafted letter, with a false signature of the Chief of Staff, using different shades of green ink, was printed on a doctored letterhead, displaying the sender’s address visibly, followed by a sharply printed address of the Corps Commander, seems to be the idea of ​​some RAW (Research and Analysis Wing) officer.

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The fake document, released by the Indian journalist working with the handle @majorgauravarya, is seen by Pakistani security experts as part of an ongoing campaign to slander Pakistan’s armed forces by building a certain narrative and disseminating such documents on social media to create confusion among the masses.

The Chief of Army Staff, in his recent speech at the Pakistan Military Academy, and earlier speeches, repeatedly warned the country to be wary of such a hybrid war. The army chief, in his speech to the young cadets, said that the enemies planning Pakistan’s downfall and destruction are watching it with contempt.

“After they failed and felt frustrated, they have now subjected us to a 24/7 hybrid war. This war is not waged on the battlefields, but in the mind. In previous wars, soldiers had the greatest chance of using the front line. In this new war, however, leadership at all levels is the target,” he said.

Social media reacts to the fake letter

According to defense experts, hybrid warfare is a mixture of conventional, unconventional and irregular warfare. This is where the idea battle is waged in the mainstream electronic and print media and social media.

Also known as the fifth generation warfare (5GW) – this is the battle of perceptions and information designed to distort the perception of the masses in order to give a manipulated view of the world and achieve certain desired goals.

According to experts who know the methodology of the infamous Indian espionage organization well, the people of Pakistan should be very vigilant for the Indian designs and avoid sharing such sensitive information.