Social media user protests against Google Map for absence of Palestine

A Twitter user urges people to rate against Google Maps on the application store as a decline in ratings will drop its market value and the application will suffer monetary loss.

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People of Pakistan are running a campaign against Google Maps to drop its rating on application stores in protest for not showing Palestine on its digital map application.

A Twitter user urged people to rate against Google Maps on the application store. Declining ratings will drop its market value on the store and the application will suffer monetary loss. A screenshot of the map shared by the user showed the presence of Israel but not Palestine.

The Google Map shows Gaza and West Bank but not Palestine, said the user. This campaign intends to urge Google Maps to include Palestine on the map.

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“Guys, I need another favor. Palestine is not on google maps but Israel is. Go and rate 1 star to maps,” said the user. He further added that he has done his part and wants other people to do their part.

A score of social media users joined him and rated against Google Maps of the application store. They shared their screenshot on Twitter.

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A similar campaign was run against Facebook and other applications after people reported that their pro-Palestine posts were forcibly taken down by the social media giant.

Several social media users complained that their pro-Palestine posts were either taken down or views and reach were controlled on their accounts deliberately by the social media giant.

Muslims from all over the world and people from other communities, religions protesting in favor of Palestine slammed the social media giants for exercising their undue control and power and attempting to silence the voices calling out Israel for killings of Palestinians in the Gaza strip.

There had been a massive uproar against Israel around the world after it indiscriminately attacked the worshippers at Al-Aqsa Mosque earlier this month. The attack led to the full-scale bombing of Gaza leading to the death of more than 200 Palestinians.

The infrastructure of Gaza has been destroyed with media houses, schools, hospitals, and other public facilities deliberately destroyed through bombings and airstrikes.


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