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Saturday, April 13, 2024

How to end Israel’s aggression against Palestine

As Israeli aggression escalates, Ranaa Kanwal, thinks Muslim countries should act wisely this time and provide all possible assistance and support to forces like Hamas against Israel.

Some disputes are of paramount importance on a global scale, which is then unable to be resolved through bilateral talks. To resolve such disputes, only two options remain. The first option is to try to resolve it through the “mediation” of a third party, and the second option is to force such a dispute into a “final war” between the two sides.

At the global level, there are two major conflicts before the United Nations, the resolution of which has been deliberately delayed and criminally neglected by the international community.

The first of the two major state disputes facing the international community is the “Palestine issue” and the second is the “Kashmir issue”. The two global conflicts are purely about “Muslim genocide” and their social and political rights.

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As far as the Kashmir issue is concerned, it has been going on since the “partition of India” between India and Pakistan and so far it has not been able to go beyond the UN resolutions.

There have also been offers from the United States and Saudi Arabia to resolve the issue. But due to India’s traditional bigotry and its war frenzy, the issue is getting serious, while the extremist Modi government of India has also removed the “special status” of Kashmir from its constitution, on which the United Nations and even the “peace contractors” who offer mediation have remained silent.

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For the “Israeli aggression” these days, the unarmed Palestinians are looking to the international community, especially the United Nations, to see when and how they will take concrete steps for their rights.

It should be noted here that both the Kashmir issue and the Palestine issue have been created by the world powers, especially the British, which have been going on since the end of the colonial era.

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The rise of Israel

In this regard, there is evidence throughout history that to reduce the extraordinary tensions (war situations) between Palestinian Muslims and Jews, the international community entrusted Britain with the responsibility of establishing a “national home” for Jews in Palestine; establish the state of Israel in the name of formation.

This was opposed not only by the Palestinians but by all the Arab countries. It should be noted that after the defeat of the Ottoman Empire in the First World War, the control of the Palestinian territories came into the hands of the British, and at that time the Muslim Arabs were in the majority here, while the Jews were in the limited minority.

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The fact is that Jewish settlements in Palestine accelerated in the 1920s and continued uninterrupted until the 1940s. Among the Jews who settled in Palestine were Jews who escaped the “Holocaust” during World War II. But this was a time when British imperialism was unilaterally supporting the Jews and perpetrating violence against Palestinian Muslims.

However, in 1947 the United Nations decided to divide Palestine into two parts. One will be the Jewish state (Israel) and one will be the Arab state (Palestine), while Jerusalem (Jerusalem) will have the status of an international city.

The Arab countries had vehemently rejected the UN decision, while the United Kingdom fled without resolving the issue, just as it had left the subcontinent without resolving the Kashmir issue.

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Israel finally came into being in 1948, while the Palestinian issue still, as far as Jerusalem is concerned, ongoing. Peace contractors like the United States and the United Nations have to implement their own decisions but they are backing a tyrant like Israel.

A new plan in the making?

Palestinians are fighting for their homeland on their soil, while infiltrators like Israel are oppressing Palestinian Muslims by establishing their illegitimate state, and the international community is silently watching this atrocity.

The story of the atrocities perpetrated by the Jews on Palestinian Muslims is a long one, but the bombing of the Palestinian population by Israel in recent days suggests that Israel has a new relationship with its secret and undeclared allies.

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Israel has come up with a “game theory” or a plan to frame a “new agreement” in the name of a ceasefire, which has been dubbed the “Peace Agreement” by other Muslim countries like the UAE, especially the Arab countries.

Before operating on Israel’s covert and nefarious aims, it is important to state which countries do not yet recognize Israel’s impure existence as a state, with Pakistan and Iran topping the list.

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Other countries include Afghanistan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Iraq, Kuwait, Yemen, Lebanon, Qatar, Syria, Sudan, Morocco, Algeria, Libya, Bahrain, Somalia, Tunisia, Djibouti, Oman, Mali, Brunei, Niger, Venezuela, and Saudi Arabia is included. However, even communist countries such as North Korea and Cuba have not recognized Israel.

Following a recent peace deal between the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Israel, there have been reports that similar agreements could be reached with other Gulf states, such as Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, while many Israeli Arab states that “Backdoor diplomacy” is going on with the countries.

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In such a situation, there was a debate within Pakistan as to whether Israel should be recognized or not, which had died down before it became serious and serious. But the germ of this debate is still there, which is active from time to time.

A tense situation

On the last Friday of the month of Ramadan (Farewell Friday), Israeli forces attacked worshipers at Al-Aqsa Mosque and carried out Israeli airstrikes on the Palestinian territory of Gaza, killing and wounding hundreds of Palestinians, but Israel is not only continuing its attacks but is also threatening to step up its attacks.

The Israeli attack on Gaza is being condemned all over the world, including Pakistan, while on the other hand, the OIC is also sitting on its head on the situation in Gaza. However, after Hamas’s retaliation, Israel has regained some consciousness.

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Israel is consciously embodying the aftermath of the 1967 Arab War when it annexed “East Jerusalem” and “West Jordan” and the Golan Heights in Syria, the Gaza Strip, and the Strait Sena in Egypt. Much has changed between Israel and the Arab world since the war, while Israeli aggression against Palestine has been intensified by the aftermath of the war.

That is why there has been extraordinary tension between Israel and Palestine in East Jerusalem, the Gaza Strip, and the West Bank since then, and the situation has become extremely tense due to Israeli aggression in those areas. Palestinian Muslims are being forcibly evicted from their homes in East Jerusalem.

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Support to Hamas?

The international community and the United Nations should no longer turn a blind eye to the Palestinian issue, while the Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC) also needs to come up with a tough strategy on the issue, which has been termed as “peace agreement” in the past.

Muslim countries need to be firm because Israel has been persecuting Palestinian Muslims from time to time to force Muslim countries, especially Arab countries, to sign an agreement with it, to pave the way for its recognition.

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Therefore, there is a need to respond to Israel in its language, that is, to respond with bullets, otherwise, Israel will be able to reach an “agreement” by hiding behind the back of the United Nations.

Behind the current aggression against Palestine is the same “game theory” that needs to be understood and tested because many Arab countries, after the United Arab Emirates, are seeking justification for a peace agreement-style agreement with Israel.

Therefore, it is necessary to act wisely this time and to provide all possible assistance and support to forces like Hamas against Israel.

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But it cannot be forgotten that there is a promise of a day when the Mujahideen of Islam will not only liberate Jerusalem from the Zionist and tyrannical forces but will establish the sovereignty of their true God all over the world.

So what is fear and why is weakness being shown when Muslims have always been deceived by the UN platform and are we still preparing for a new deception?

Raana Kanwal graduated in Mass Communication from Punjab University. She has worked in Daily Jang and Aaj News TV. Currently, she is an Administrator in the Federal Board of Revenue, Islamabad. The views expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect the editorial policy of Global Village Space.