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Monday, April 15, 2024

Some names in sexual harassment cases shocked A.R. Rahman

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Indian music composer A.R Rahman has finally broken his silence as the ‘Me Too movement’ gains momentum in the Indian entertainment industry. On Monday A.R. Rahman voiced his opinion on the issue from his Twitter account.

He said “Been observing the #MeToo Movement… some of the names have shocked me…both the victims and their perpetrators… I would love to see our industry become cleaner and respectful of women.. more power to all the victims coming forward,” wrote Rahman.

The award-winning music composer expressed his wish to make the entertainment industry a much safer place for the women to work.

In his Twitter post, A.R. Rahman reiterated that he along with his team is adamant to create a “safe creative space” for everyone.

Besides expressing support for the victims he also expressed his skepticism over the misuse of the movement.

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“Social media offers great freedom for victims to speak up, however, we should be careful in creating a new internet justice system, in case it’s misused,” he added further.

Most probably the latter part of his statement referred to the several accusations piled up against his long-time collaborator and Tamil lyricist Vairamuthu. Many women including singer Chinmayi have come forward with their encounters of sexual harassment by Tamil lyricist Vairamuthu.

A.R. Rahman who has closely worked with Chinmayi chose to remain silent on her allegations against Vairamuthu. His statement came weeks after the several women, while many of them choosing to be anonymous reported the cases against him.

It all started when journalist Sandhya Menon shared an anonymous screenshots that described how the Tamil lyricist assaulted a woman who was 18-years of age when she had gone to the poet’s residence-cum-office for a project.

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A day later Chinmayi emerged with her own set of allegations against the accused. She narrated her incident that how the organizers of the program in Switzerland asked her to facilitate the poet and meet him in the hotel room in Lucerne. She added that when she refused and demanded that she wanted to return to India she was allegedly warned that her career would be finished. As per her account, the incident happened in 2005 or 2006.