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Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Sonam Kapoor highlights reasons for silence on sexual harassment

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Sonam Kapoor identified three significant reasons why women fail to report sexual harassment against them in her recent interview. She recently gave an interview to Haroon Rashid on BBC Network.

She says often the women’s confusion to realize what is happening to them is the prime factor why cases are not reported.

“There are three points to it – a lot of women don’t realize what’s going on and what’s happening to them because they think that it’s okay and it’s alright… it’s like a subconscious thought. That’s the conditioning we’ve gone through.”

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Next, the actor said the fear of disgrace holds back women from reporting their cases.

“Number two: it’s also because we’ve been taught to keep quiet, act dumb, pretend it didn’t happen, laugh it off. Or third, it’s victim blaming. If something happens to you, it’s your fault.”

When asked whether the victims hold themselves back when reporting sexual harassment due to the stigma surrounding the issue or fear of losing their jobs, Sonam replied: “I think it’s both. it’s not only about losing your careers, it’s also losing face in society We’re still backward that way, we don’t talk about it at all.”

Addressing Aziz Ansari’s latest sexual harassment scandal the actress said: “It’s important for it to go the other way, There’s deafening silence and suddenly when the dam is broken, everything comes out. But eventually, it will all level out. The truth always comes out, eventually. Always,”

She shared the video of her interview with a caption in which she said her support for women is not just confined to the women of her country, but that she extends her support to the women existing throughout the world.

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She wrote: “My views on sexual harassment are not only restricted to Bollywood but for women around the world. We all have a responsibility to speak out against abusers and it is society’s responsibility to stand by us and hear our voices.”