Sonu Nigam schools ‘childish’ Indian media

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Bollywood singer Sonu Nigam reprimanded Indian media for reporting irresponsibly and escalating the tensions between the two countries. In his recent media talk, Sonu Nigam stated the Indian media’s jingoistic reporting has exacerbated the already war-like situation between the two countries.

He lashed out at his media for sabre-rattling reporting when it should have played its role in reinstating peace in the region.

He expressed his regret over Indian media enjoying the killings of Pakistani soldiers and civilians in the counterattacks. He reminded them that there is nothing to rejoice over the killings as it is direct damage to humanity. The families of the soldiers standing on either side of the border suffer the most in the wars. He added that Indian media must learn to do mature reporting that should aid in diffusing tensions between the two countries.

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He advised Indian media as well as journalists to be civil in their discourse and to “not celebrate winning at the first ball. “Let [your opponent] take a shot first,” he stressed. “If you tease, they are going to tease you back.” “Don’t act childishly”, he further commented.

Sonu continued, “A wise nation always behaves well and with class. All of the debates taking place on TV channels are set in an immature discourse.” “I believe that we, as Indians, really really need to grow up!” he stressed. “I also think we need a responsible media which we lack at this point,” he asserted.

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In the recent episode of heightened tensions between Pakistan and India, the Indian media’s chauvinistic attitude has further intensified the strained relations between the two countries. Not only in Pakistan and India, but Indian media has damaged its credibility internationally as well. It has reduced itself to a level where it is being compared with Bollywood’s dreamy, hyper-nationalistic sentiments shown in their movies.


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