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Thursday, May 23, 2024

Srinagar celebrates India’s excruciating exit from ICC World Cup

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Celebrations were held throughout the Indian occupied Kashmir on India’s exit from the ICC World Cup 2019. People took to streets and rejoiced India’s crushing defeat against New Zealand.

Videos and images of people setting firecrackers and chanting slogans against Indian army went viral on social media. Kashmiris chanted anti-Indian and pro-Pakistani slogans in Indian occupied Kashmir.

India’s “45 minutes of bad cricket” against New Zealand cost them a place in the World Cup final and “broke our hearts,” says Captain Virat Kohli.

India’s defeat was a huge blow for the billions of fans, and cricket gurus who had declared India favourites of the tournament. Cricket analysts had speculated India’s win in the first semi-final, some even predicted India would lift the World Cup trophy as well.



The defeat, however, sent shock waves throughout India. Fans said they were disappointed as hopes were high and India was close to victory.

Indian skipper, Virat Kohli expressed his disappointment on the result of the match.

‘45 Minutes of Bad Cricket’

India’s “45 minutes of bad cricket” against New Zealand cost them a place in the World Cup final and “broke our hearts,” says Captain Virat Kohli.

“It breaks our hearts because you work so hard to build momentum and finish number one in the table,” Kohli said.

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“Then, a spell of bad cricket, and you’re out of the tournament.”

He added: “But you have to accept it. We will come out better cricketers because of this setback.”

Kohli, however, requested fans to be reasonable with reactions post-match.

Virat said, I have always been of the favour of a measured reaction and yes disappointment is there in a loss but don’t take it to the extreme.”

“It is easy to criticise from the outside when somebody loses and you are put on top when are winning,” added Kohli.

Fans Mourn World Cup Exit

India’s cricketing legend, Sachin Tendulkar reprimanded India’s dismal performance in the semi-final.

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“I am disappointed because we should have chased 240 without any doubt. It wasn’t a big total,” said Tendulkar. Adding that, “It’s not fair all the time to expect Dhoni to come and finish the game. He has done it time and again.”

Meanwhile, scores of Bollywood celebrities including singer Adnan Sami and Prime Minister Narendra Modi shared messages of encouragement and appreciation for the Indian cricket team.