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Thursday, February 15, 2024

Student commits suicide after teacher repeatedly failed him

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A final year chemical engineering student in Faisalabad committed suicide after a teacher repeatedly failed him in a ‘course subject’ due to a personal grudge.

The student left a suicide note behind in which he apologized to his parents and other teachers. As per the details, the student Saifullah Jamali, a student at Institute of Fertilizer and Research fatally shot himself in front of the University Gate on Thursday.

A witness of the incident, a lecturer in the university recounted the incident. He said as soon as he heard the sound of a gunshot he rushed to the victim. He saw the student breathing his last and tried to call the 15 helpline that was “not responsive to his calls” and Rescue 1122 “refused to help”.

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Saifullah’s family and friends have claimed that the university is “responsible for the death” as he was bullied by the administration.

Jamali’s cousin and friend, Noor Ahmad Jamali, expressed his grief in a Twitter post. He blamed the teacher for his unfortunate incident. He said the teacher continued an abusive behavior towards Jamali disheartened him.

“Saifullah Jamali committed suicide due to a teacher, who often used to disrespect him and repeatedly failed him. It is my request to all students, civil society and journalists to please raise their voice against this act of university administration,” his cousin, Noor Ahmed Jamali, alleged in a tweet. The friends of the deceased also backed his claims.


Saifullah in his note requested the doctors and authorities not to investigate the case and his body. He stated that even if saved he would commit suicide again.

He wrote, “I am committing suicide on my own. No depression. No pressure. I am requesting the authorities to not investigate my death. Please don’t let authorities touch my body,” he stated.

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The University administration while sharing the news on the Facebook page wrote: “Please don’t choose this act; it’s anti-Islam.”