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Thursday, May 23, 2024

Student died due to “criminal negligence” of Bahria University

Bahria University administration was conducting classes in an unfinished building that claimed the life of a young student. What should be done now? Who should be held accountable?

A young student died in a private university due to the negligence of the administration. The student reportedly died after falling from the fourth floor of a Bahria University building on Thursday, police and hospital staff said.


According to details, the deceased, 23-year-old Haleema Amin, was a bachelors student in her second semester at Bahria University, they said. She fell from the fourth floor of a new university block that has yet to be completed.

Social media maintained that the incident must not go unnoticed and a strict action may be taken against the authorities.

Students came out and protested against the administration for not focusing on the safety measures to be taken.


The protesters are demanding the resignation of the senior officials at the university.


Hospital staff said Amin was brought to the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) in the afternoon by university staff, including a doctor. She was conscious at the time, but had suffered multiple fractures including her backbone, they said.

They said she was kept under observation and provided treatment, but died at around 4:30 pm. They added that her body was later taken from the hospital by the same people who brought her to PIMS.

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The Margalla police said they learned of the incident when the girl was brought to the hospital. They said they were told she fell off the building while taking a selfie.

Furthermore, the police were denied access to examine the scene of the incident by the university. The police were told the university would establish what had happened and inform the police afterward, and submit a report in this regard.

The police said the woman’s family has yet to be approached for legal action, and her body is not with the police or the hospital. They said legal action will be taken, including an autopsy, if a complaint is lodged with the police.

The university administration is reportedly pressuring the victim’s family not to file an FIR. However, the protests in the university and uproar on social media caused panic.

Minister for Human Rights Dr. Shireen Mazari also paid attention to the incident. She said: “Distressing to learn of death of Bahria Uni student Haleema who fell down four storeys through a gaping hole in a building not fully constructed but in use by students. A student sent this video – Many disturbing questions arise:”

She further asked: “Apart from shocking calousness on how we treat our students, why did the Uni not clearly have warning signs in this building? why were students allowed access to a building not fully constructed? Even more disturbing is the way the Uni authorities behaved after accident happened.”

She said: “at the very least this is a case of criminal negligence – Bahria University must be held responsible. It shd come under federal jurisdiction so HEC & Min of Ed  @Shafqat_Mahmood must institute an indep inquiry with a time frame to see where responsibility must be laid”

Latest Development

In the latest development, Rector Bahria University Vice Admiral (R) Muhammad Shafique HI (M) has verbally resigned talking to the protesting students and has promised that an inquiry will be made into the incident. He further presented himself before the students and claimed that any punishment they deem worthy he is ready to take it.


He stated that being the head of the family he has to take responsibility.

Cases of mismanagement.  like these have long plagued Pakistan and strict action needs to be taken on such incidents