Suspect involved in Johar Town incident arrested by police

Suspect responsible for parking explosive-laden car in Johar Town has been arrested from Rawalpindi according to reports.

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According to reports, the suspect arrested for his involvement in the Johar Town bomb blast has been identified as Eid Gul. Gul’s arrest has also led to the arrest of another suspect named David Paul, according to law enforcement officials.

“David Paul had himself brought the car used in the terrorist incident from Gujranwala seven days prior to the blast and handed it over to Eid Gul,” the officials claimed.

The car in which the explosive was placed had been reported stolen 11 years ago on November 29, 2010; from Gujranwala’s Cantt Police Station, said the police. The investigation revolved around David Paul, who was arrested at Lahore airport after being offloaded from a Karachi-bound flight, as he was said to be the owner of the black Corolla car used in the bombing.

Paul denied his involvement in the blast during the interrogation. He told the investigators that during his last visit to Dubai, a friend of his had asked him to lend his car to someone in Pakistan for a few days. When David returned to Pakistan, he handed over the car to a masked man in Gujranwala. I thought the man was wearing the mask because of Covid, said Paul.

Another arrest was made in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The suspect was also connected to Paul.

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On June 23, a bomb blast occurred near the residence of anti-India militant leader Hafiz Saeed, killing at least 3 people and injuring several others. The cause of the blast was an explosives-laden vehicle which exploded in Lahore’s Johar Town neighbourhood.

Punjab Chief Minister Usman Buzdar took notice of the blast and ordered the IG to investigate the incident and submit a report. “Those responsible for the blast should be brought under the law,” he said.

So far, all the arrests that have been made are linked to David Paul. The CTD is also detaining his relatives and the people that he has been in close contact with in the recent past. During a raid conducted at his residence in Mahmdudabad, Karachi, his personal belongings such as laptop etc , along with two of his family members were also taken into custody.

Paul dealt as a broker and was also into hoteling and scrap, of various items and had a history of frequent travelling between Dubai and Pakistan. He had an intra-country travel history too.


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