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Sunday, November 26, 2023

Suzuki’s Jimny: New 4th Gen Model to be Introduced in Pakistan

Suzuki is all set to introduce the 4th generation model of the globally-popular Jimny, which has been upgraded with a wide range of innovations, making it ideal of off-road adventures and driving through bumpy obstacles

Pak Suzuki is all set to launch the 4th generation model of Suzuki Jimny across the country, and the launch is scheduled for the upcoming months. Suzuki’s Jimny was introduced back in 1970, and it made ripples across the auto industry as the first four-wheel, light-driven jeep manufactured by Suzuki.

Evolution of the Jimny

It didn’t take long for the Jimny to emerge as a household favorite, with a compact by dynamic two-cylinder 359 CC engine, powered to provide a smooth drive. After 11 years of popularity, in 1981, the Jimny was reinvented with the launch of its 2nd generation model, powered with a 3-cylinder 550 CC, and a bigger 660 cc engine, featuring a wider and longer built.



The 2nd generation model was extremely popular amongst the consumers and managed to captivate the market for the next 17 years. Then, Suzuki launched its 3rd generation model of the iconic Jimny, featuring an enhanced level of comfort, improved stability, longer wheelbase, and rigid suspension. For the next two decades, the 3rd gen Jimny was highly embraced by consumers across the globe.

In 2018, Suzuki upgraded the Jimny with a dynamic 4th generation model, which was first launched in Japan. The boxy design language of the new model is complemented with a distinguished, retro design. After a year of enjoying phenomenal success in the global markets, Suzuki’s Jimny is all set to hit the markets of Pakistan.

 4th Gen Suzuki Jimny

The 4th generation model of the Suzuki Jimny is powered with a dynamic 4-cylinder engine featuring 16 valves, and a powerful capacity of 1462 CC. the multi-point injection fuel distribution makes the vehicle efficient, producing a maximum torque of 130 Nm at 4000 rpm, and maximum output power of 75 kW at 6000 rpm.

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It stands apart in the industry with unmatched agility and a retro-style study frame that is ideal for mountain-driving and off-roading adventures. This travel-friendly ride is highly fuel-efficient and provides an outstanding performance with a low range transfer gear, equipped with a 4L mode that will assist in off-road driving with greater traction and maximized torque.


Suzuki has done a tremendous job at restoring the heritage and design of the former models, and the 4th gen model is an absolute sight with its horizontal design and clamshell bonnet. The front radiator grille is equipped with round headlamps featuring independent indicators, while the LED headlights are powered with washers to assist while driving in muddy and dusty conditions.

The 4th gen Jimny is a fabulous ride for driving through bumps and obstacles, as the angular edges of the front and rear bumpers are easy to maneuver during off-road adventures. The black hue safeguards protected the tires from scratches, while the bumper features fog lamps to light your way in unsafe driving conditions.


However, the success of this automobile totally depends on the price range Suzuki offers in the Pakistani landscape. The last model came with a staggering 26.8 lac and this new improved model is expected to offer nothing less if not more.