Syra Shehroz features in campaign battling American propaganda


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Syra Shehroz recently featured in a campaign initiated by a clothing brand in response to the reprehensible western American TV series ‘’ Homeland’. The poster of the campaign is an answer to the poster from season four of the series where the main character visits Pakistan.

The American TV series is based on America’s war on terrorism in the eastern part of the world including the Middle East and Afghanistan. The poster from season four shows a woman in a red scarf standing amid the clusters of women clad from top to bottom in Afghan-style ‘Burqas’. The poster endorses its central theme of portraying eastern culture as colourless.

INSPIRED REPLICATION only to EDUCATE! Controversial #American series #Homeland depicted #Pakistan wrongly!Confusing its culture with #Afghanistan! @hashimali90 the #ArtDirector & #SetDesigner behind #CrossStitch campaign is here to remedy the wrong! The image of #SyraShahroz in a sea of local #Dupatta clad ladies is the real representation of Pakistan!Not the Blue #Burqas native to #Afghanistan featuring #ClaireDanes! #ColourUsGood #MyHomelandIsBetterThanYourHomeland @stopstyleofficial @sairoz @crossstitch_official @shakethingsupbyamal

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The clothing brand designed a similar poster with Syra Shehroz dressed in colourful traditional attire surrounded by women covered in bright red veils.

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The poster came out with a poem that addressed the western part of the world. It is also said the makers of the TV series confused the culture of Afghanistan with Pakistan. Hence the writer in his poem said, our ‘Homeland’ is not scary, brown and dusty. The writer added, our Homeland is a place where colour pops, people laugh and enjoy life.

The show bore heavy criticism across international media for inciting Islamophobia and promoting negative perceptions about Islamic culture and traditions.

The series has been objected to for degrading Muslims and Islam, particularly depicting them as morally corrupt, fanatics, and perpetrators of terrorism in the world.

People on social media have hailed the campaign as a much-needed response to the gloomy portrayal of Pakistan in the fourth season of the show aired in 2014. Many, however, stated the response is considerably over time, but nevertheless fully supported the campaign.

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The TV series is currently airing it’s seventh season. The whole series of ‘Homeland’ depicts the deadly encounters of a female CIA agent Carrie Mathison played by Claire Deans in war-inflicted territories.

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