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Thursday, February 15, 2024

Taher Shah is back with ‘Blue Eyes’ & Pakistanis crave some Music

Lyricist, singer and producer, Taher Shah is looking forward to making a grand return to Pakistan’s music arena with a new project. His Twitter post of ‘blue eyes’ has ushered internet users into frenzy and suspicions.

Taher Shah, a self-declared Pakistani singer, is planning to release a new project probably around New Year 2020. He recently posted a blue image of his eyes hinting another quirky project. The blue image was captioned ‘coming soon‘ that jittered social media users.

The singer, however, has not revealed anything about his upcoming project; neither the dates of the release nor any details of the project have been shared with the people. However, social media went haywire following Shah’s twitter post. Twitter users started anticipating Taher Shah’s upcoming project while other social media users took banter at the singer.

A score of social media users anticipated that similar to his song ‘Eye to Eye’, the blue eyes image in his Twitter post suggests a’ blue eyes’ song now.



Taher Shah became famous in 2013 when he released his first song ‘Eye to Eye‘. The song became an internet sensation, leaving listeners perplexed but Taher Shah claimed in an interview that it took him 20 years to write the lyrics of the song Eye to Eye.

Not only in Pakistan but his debut song made reverberations in India. A renowned Indian publication The Indian Express stated that the song achieved ‘success’ while according to ‘The Atlantic’ the song made him (Taher Shah) an overnight sensation.




Three years later, Taher Shah released yet another bizarre song, ‘Angel‘ in 2016 that also spiraled into an internet sensation, causing BBC to describe it as a ‘social media frenzy’.

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In December 2016, Taher Shah left Pakistan purportedly after receiving death threats. He discontinued his singing for a while but now seems to have bounced back with the third song of his career.




Taher Shah even made a special appearance in the Pakistani movie, ‘Oye! Kuch Kar Guzar’ as a love guru.

Meanwhile, it is not clear if he has returned to Pakistan or is pursuing his music career from abroad.