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Sunday, September 24, 2023

Talal Chaudhry lied about relationship with female MNA: PML-N fact-finding committee

A PML-N fact-finding committee has reported that Talal Chaudry lied to the public about his relationship with female MNA Ayesha Rajab Ali

Last Tuesday at midnight, Member of the national assembly of Pakistan, Talal Chaudhry was tortured by the guards of MPA Ayesha Rajab Malik. ARY News claims that according to PML-N Sources, the committee formed on the issue of Chaudhry, and the female MPA has submitted its report. ARY conducted interviews with commentator Khawaja Naseer and Author ARY, Ulfat Mughal.

ARY Interviews Commentator Khawaja Naseer

Speaking for Chaudhry, Naseer stated, “Talal Chaudhry did not go to Ayesha Rajab Ali’s house for organizing. That is a lie.” He further disclosed how Talal Chaudhry went at the invitation of MNA Ayesha Rajab, not for the organisation of any party. He emphasised that Chaudhry had lied about the organization altogether.

Naseer revealed that Chaudhry’s quarrel was with Ayesha, alone. They had some personal vendetta which caused the parties to become violent. Chaudhry’s squabble with MNA Ayesha’s brother resulted in the outbreak of physical violence. Naseer claims that Ayesha’s brother had Chaudhry attacked by his guards.

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PML-N Punjab President Rana Sanaullah all the more affirmed Naseer’s testimony. He said, “It was a personal matter between the two. If any party complains, the party will take action”. ARY News reports that the party remains silent and refuses to take any positive action. The publication highlights the silence of, among others, Vice President PMLN, Maryam Nawaz.

Naseer comments that, upon inquiry, Nawaz said she did not discuss the incident with Chaudhry, nor did she inquire further into the matter. When asked, she responded, “the matter of Talal Chaudhry’s quarrel is personal and should not be discussed. Last week, Talal Chaudhry was tortured for allegedly harassing a female MP. The party (PMLN) has close ties with both Chaudhry and Ayesha. This is all off the record.”

ARY Interviews Ulfat Mughal

Mughal criticized PMLN’s silence on the matter. They repeated and affirmed Naseer’s version of the facts, and further mentioned the details of Chaudhry’s condition. Mughal stated that Chaudhry suffered several fractures and claimed that he was hospitalized in Lahore. He too confirmed, as did Vice President PMLN, that the news of the torture was entirely off the record.

Talal Chaudhry went to MNA Ali’s house on her invitation

N League informed ARY about the completion of their report. Upon inquiry about the contents, Naseer, after a prior explanation from Chaudhry about the incident, confirmed that last Tuesday, at around 2 am, Chaudhry was in fact tortured by Ayesha’s brothers’ guards. Chaudhry claimed his only incentive was to organize his party.

Yet, upon further inquiry, Naseer discloses that Chaudhry and the female MPA were on bad terms from the start. He confirms that this was the sole reason why they met in the first place. “When the damage was done, the report was sent to the higher officials of PMLN”, revealed Naseer.

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The commentator further stated that this report was birthed by a 3 member committee, and that the investigation was conducted carefully and precisely, with no room left for doubt.

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