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Friday, April 12, 2024

‘Teefa in Trouble’ is the first Pakistani movie to release in 25 countries

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Following a star-studded premiere on Thursday in Karachi, Ali Zafar’s highly anticipated film Teefa in Trouble has been released on Friday, 20th July 2018, across Pakistan. Actress Maya Ali plays the leading lady in her Lollywood debut film, starring opposite Ali Zafar.

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First Pakistani movie to release in 25 countries

‘Teefa in Trouble’ is the first Pakistani movie to be presented for screening in 25 countries including India, UK, and Russia.

Actor and producer Ali Zafar expressed his excitement over the milestone achieved by the budding entertainment industry of Pakistan.

“I cannot explain my excitement in words, you guys made it a hit even before release,” said the actor. “This is the first time a Pakistani film will be released in 25 countries, out of which, 10-15 countries will see a Pakistani film’s screening for the first time,” he added.

In an interview to a local media outlet, Ali Zafar said, “What I’ve achieved is historic as no one else has done it before. Finally, I have done something for those people and supporters who have made me what I am today. So when Yash Raj Films decided to release the film worldwide that was an honor for me. They decided to do so after watching the film.”

Highest Cost of Production

Ali Zafar’s debut production ‘Teefa in Trouble’ is reportedly the most expensive film production to date in Pakistan, costing up to Rs. 2.3 billion. The movie took 4 years to be completed.

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Zafar expressed his hopes that this production venture will live up to the expectations, “We showed the [raw footage] to a few neutral observers and everyone liked it. We hope the audience here and back home in Pakistan like it, too.”

I would urge people to go out with their family and with friends to watch it as it is a perfect family film which you can even watch with your kids as there’s not a single dialogue or sequence which you can’t watch with kids or other family members,” he asserted.

Post-Production and the plot of the movie

Ali Zafar is playing a goon ‘Teefa’ from Lahore. He has been delegated a task by Butt Sahab (Mehmood Aslam) to kidnap Anya (Maya Ali) who is the daughter of a Polish gangster Bonzo (Javed Sheikh). Butt Sahab wants to marry his son Ahmed Bilal off to Anya.

“From there, with Bonzo’s gang and police on one side and Butt Sahab’s goons on the other, a fun-filled roller coaster chain of events starts which will keep the audience in its grip from the first till the last scene”, added Ali Zafar.

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The first half of the movie is shot in Poland while another half in Lahore. The first spell of shooting in Poland lasted for 40 days while the second spell lasted for 35 days in Lahore. Around 4-5 days were spent in Bangkok to shot a few scenes.

Poland is a beautiful country and till now no one has really discovered it — the whole landscape and the countryside are breathtaking. And we all know about Lahore, the inner city, the fort and the Badshahi Mosque is amazing. We just wanted to show the world what Lahore is — the real culture of the old city. We really wanted to show a positive image of our country through the film,” Ali Zafar said in his interview.

Ali Zafar’s brother Daniyal Zafar and Ahsan Rahim joined him in developing a draft and dialogues for the movie.

He also appreciated his co-star Maya Ali for her wonderful performance in the movie.

Zafar said, “Maya Ali has played her role really very well, she’s a great actress and a lovely person to work with. The character of ‘Anya’ is of a young girl who wants to live her life in her own way.”