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Thursday, February 15, 2024

Teenage girl arrested for ‘stealing motorcycles’

Teenage girl caught stealing motorcycles disguised as a boy

Early today, Mauripur police revealed that they had arrested an 18-year-old girl for stealing several motorcycles in the metropolis while disguised as a boy. According to the information provided by the police, the accused, a resident of Lyari who reportedly practices the sport of boxing, allegedly used to lift bikes along with two accomplices – 14-year-old ‘Chhotoo’ and 20-year-old Basit — both of whom are presently on the run. The police confirmed that these individuals will soon be located. Meanwhile, the girl has been handed over to women’s police for custody.

Dawn reports that the suspect has denied the accusations and said that she did not steal any motorcycle. She said she had gotten into trouble because someone else handed her a stolen vehicle and she got caught with it. “Someone is trying to set me up,” she claimed. She said she was arrested because police recovered the stolen motorcycle from her possession.

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The Mauripur police, however, claimed that the three-member gang used to snatch and/or steal motorcycles of new and different models. They are also looking for dealers to whom the gang intended to sell these motorcycles to, confirmed the police.

According to the police, aside from stealing bikes along with two teenage accomplices, the accused practices the sport of boxing. The Mauripur police said the arrested girl had been identified as 18-year-old Binish. Binish has been handed over to lady police officials for the probe.

Eight thieves held

The Anti-Vehicle Lifting Cell (AVLC) of the Karachi police on Tuesday carried out raids in different parts of the city and arrested eight suspects for stealing motorbikes.

The AVLC spokesman said the suspects were arrested during separate raids carried out in the Lyari, SITE Area and Gulberg localities of the city. Police also claimed to have impounded five stolen two-wheelers and seized a pistol. The spokesman further added that the detainees are habitual motorbike lifters who used to sell the two-wheelers’ parts to mechanics and scrap dealers, adding that they have been arrested for the first time, so they do not have any earlier criminal record.

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The arrested suspects have been identified as Aftab Gulzar, Shahrukh Hanif, Shehbaz Kali, Faisal Shafi, Ghulam Rasool Abdul Rasheed (alias Bhola), Yasir Nasir, Mehboob Abdul Ghaffar (alias Ali) and Falak Sher Abdul Qadir. The spokesman of the AVLC claimed that the motorbikes impounded during the raids had been reported stolen at the Nabi Bakhsh, Brigade, Madina Colony and Azizabad police stations.