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Thursday, May 30, 2024

The appointment controversy at the Islamic Centre of England

Controversy ensues as non-Muslim interim manager is appointed at the Islamic Centre of England during ongoing investigation.

The appointment of Emma Moody, a charity sector lawyer, as the interim manager of the Islamic Centre of England has sparked controversy and accusations of political motivation. The Charity Commission has been investigating the organization since November 2022, and Moody’s appointment in May, coupled with the temporary closure of the center, has drawn criticism from civil society groups and individuals. 

Investigation and Closure

The Islamic Centre of England has been the subject of a statutory inquiry by the Charity Commission due to serious governance concerns and extensive engagement in recent years. The regulatory body previously issued a warning to the charity after it allowed a candlelit vigil to be held on its premises, in response to the death of Iranian major general Qasem Soleimani, who was subject to UK financial sanctions. Last month, the center announced the suspension of all its programs, citing concerns for the community’s safety.

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Emma Moody, appointed as the interim manager by the Charity Commission, has faced criticism for not being a Muslim herself. In a letter to the commission, 35 civil society groups and individuals raised objections to the decision, arguing that a non-Muslim should not be overseeing the center during the investigation. Critics claimed the appointment was politically motivated and raised questions about cultural sensitivity and understanding.

Moody’s Defense

In response to the criticism, Emma Moody defended her appointment, stating that she was chosen for her governance expertise and extensive experience advising charities of all faiths across the UK, including Muslim-led organizations. She emphasized her commitment to working collaboratively with the Islamic Centre of England’s trustees and her determination to reopen the center as soon as possible. Moody asserted that her approach to her work is characterized by compassion, understanding, and a desire to secure the best possible outcome for the charities she works with.

Reopening and Future Governance

The immediate focus for Moody and the trustees of the Islamic Centre of England is to reopen the center, which they consider a top priority. Contrary to misleading media reports, the decision to close the center was not made by the Charity Commission, nor was it a result of Moody’s appointment. Both Moody and the trustees are eager to restore operations and redirect their efforts toward ensuring effective governance for the future.

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The controversy surrounding Emma Moody’s appointment as the interim manager of the Islamic Centre of England highlights the complexities involved in addressing governance concerns within charitable organizations. While the decision to appoint a non-Muslim has faced criticism, Moody has defended her appointment based on her expertise and experience working with charities of diverse faiths. As the investigation continues and efforts are made to reopen the center, it is essential for all parties involved to work collaboratively, keeping the best interests of the community they serve at the forefront. Ultimately, the focus should be on establishing effective governance structures to ensure the long-term stability and success of the Islamic Centre of England.