The Best Bodybuilding Supplements This Year

In the search for the best bodybuilding supplements? We’ve done our homework and have narrowed down this shortlist as recommended by bodybuilding professionals across the globe. Take a look at these workout supplements and why they’re all the hype this year. 


Best Bodybuilding Supplements: The Top 7 

  1. Good Ol’ Whey Protein 

Just because it doesn’t have a complicated scientific name doesn’t diminish what it can do for your body. Whey protein is one that is able to digest fat naturally and is perfect for your post workout regime. 


Recovery is something that muscle builders should never disregard. Pre workouts are essential. This much is true. However, post workouts are just as important because they help your muscles recover after being put under duress during the exercise routine itself. 


  1. Trusty Creatine 

In a previous post, we’ve mentioned creatine and why it’s found in most, if not all, muscle strengthening supplements. And it’s due to the fact that this creatine monohydrate can help your muscles increase in force and power as you go along. 


At the same time, it maintains energy levels, perfect for resistance training as endurance is a characteristic you should aim for in your weight training journey. 


  1. Yes to NO Boosters 

By “NO”, what’s meant is Nitric Oxide. This talks of food items that contain high doses of nitrate. Nitrate is an ingredient that improves blood flow and because of this, it aids in reducing soreness and inflammation caused by muscle-strain. 


  1. Caffeine All The Way 

That’s right. Caffeine is a potable element in supplements specifically for the reason that it’s a strong stimulant. It isn’t a strength-inducer but it IS a helpful partner in carrying on with arduous physical activities. 


Instead of tiring out quickly, caffeine can wake your bodily functions and allow blood to pumped in a continuous and stabilized manner for you to endure long workouts. Likewise, it lessens the feeling of fatigue. 


  1. A Dose Of Fish Oils 

Fish oils? Yep. It’s a natural source of omega-3 fatty acids and this equates not only to filling your body with antioxidants but increasing in anti-inflammatory properties. With such muscle-straining body-building regimes, your muscles are at the risk of tearing. If left unchecked, they’ll have a difficult time healing and recovering. 


Fish oils allow the process of recovery to be faster. Plus, you’ll even see muscle mass gain in the process. 


  1. Branch To Branched Chain Amino Acids 

Also known as BCAAs, these are protein regulators than assist in the metabolism of said mineral so that it’s distributed all over your body without wastage. Additionally, it stops the degradation of protein and instead, store them well. 


This is also a champion against muscle soreness and can significantly ease such strains quickly. Even professional athletes and body-builders are known to take supplements filled with BCAAs because of this benefit. 


  1. Glutamine For Your Glutes (And More) 

L-Glutamine is a muscle-recovery amino acid. But what sets it apart from other is that can stop the depletion of tissues in the course of stress. Having a plenteous amount of L-Glutamine is suggested as you will need a consistent supply of it. 

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