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Friday, February 16, 2024

The open expression of misogyny at the premiere of ‘Teefa in Trouble’

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The Creative Director of Kayseria brand ‘Waleed Zaman’ was subjected to criticism for his remarks on supporting sexual harassment of women. A protest was carried out by Facebook page ‘Girls at Dhaba’ to boycott Teefa in Trouble.

The protest was rooted in the allegations of sexual harassment leveled against Ali Zafar by some 15 women including singer Meesha Shafi. The protestors demanded media to boycott the screening of the movie since it was promoting an alleged harasser in the industry.

The video of controversial remarks of Waleed Zaman is making rounds on social media. Waleed Zaman was asked about the motive behind his presence at the premiere of ‘Teefa in Trouble’ and if he supports sexual harassment of the women. Waleed Zaman with a smirk replied, “because we support the sexual harassment of women”.

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His video spread like a wildfire on social media. Waleed Zaman confronted an onslaught of criticism over his peculiar attitude towards a sensitive issue like sexual harassment.  People are demanding Zaman for an apology and in case of his failure to apologize a movement will be initiated to boycott his clothing brand ‘Kayseria’.

In their comments, several people pointed to the black sheep that exist in the media and entertainment fraternity. They said not only there is a need to hold accountable the perpetrators of sexual harassment but even those who support them.

Sexual harassment of women and similar issues of safety of young girls and females is a pressing issue in the Pakistani society. The issue has mainstreamed when a ‘Me Too’ campaign against the sexual harassment initiated in Hollywood swept Pakistan.

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Similar protests were held in Karachi as well and calls were made to boycott the movie. The protestors shamed the cinema authorities for promoting a movie that is featuring Ali Zafar.