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Friday, February 16, 2024

The problems in the teaching profession

Teaching is a respectable profession, and in the context of respect, it supersedes all other professions in society. It is the crown of all other professions in that they are the production of it. It is the teaching that has played a stupendous role in societies to rolling up the rate of literacy but this profession comes with fair shares of turbulences.

Some days ago, I was reading a research article about suicide ideation among dental students. While reading it, I chanced upon some interesting words ‘today’s dental students are tomorrow’s dentists.’ These words were quite simple to deem that the majority of dental students could become dentists in the end; some may change their career plans other than dentistry. Similarly, the students studying in other fields may choose their careers differently. In almost all fields, hardly a handful of students pick out teaching as their professional career.

Teaching is a respectable profession, and in the context of respect, it supersedes all other professions in society. It is the crown of all other professions in that they are the production of it. It is teaching that has played a stupendous role in societies to rolling up the rate of literacy. I must not forget to be thankful that we are so fortunate to have such a religion that was started with a magnificent divine order “to read.” It is crystal clear to see how delightful the profession of teaching is. Staggeringly, it is wonderful to note here that the commander for this beautiful decree is Allah himself, and the commanded was the prophet of all the prophets. To this end, however, many students wish to dress in the profession of teaching.

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Teaching is not just a job to eke out life, it is the service

To become kind to students, teach students honestly, train students how to flourish in the future, bring peace to the environment, and stay nice to all are a few of the services which a teacher must be ready for. It is worth mentioning that one does not just necessarily need to work hard to qualify for the exams to become a teacher; they might have to be practical to the things mentioned above.

Since this piece is for the students who want to become teachers, it was indispensable for me to leave here some great things for them to put into practice about this profession – teaching. Because I always inquire into the views of students to underpin my crafting of the best of the pieces like this, I am trying my hand at garnering some prodigious views which I have received about this piece. So the query is: what things are necessary to live out to become a great teacher in a true manner?

The most important rejoinder to that question is reasonably fascinating. It is; those who want to see themselves as teachers in the near future must have in their heart and mind both respect for their teachers.

Teaching, without an iota of doubt, is a prophetic profession, but teachers can never be christened the prophets, they say. Therefore, teachers vary from one another in their behavior, attitude, response, teaching, communication, and etc. Some teachers, students say, are so rude to talk to, and some are truly nice in their nature. The former category of teachers of raspy types should be learned from how bleak a student feels to receive such a harsh attitude.

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Experiencing such rude manners must be taken not to practice right after becoming a teacher traditionally. However, the latter category of teachers of pleasant behavior must be learned from how satisfied the students feel. Being discussed in the category of such wonderful teachers students want to become like they are. Teachers of both types, thus, must be taken affably, students argue.

This is really a far-fetched answer to the question

The second answer to the question is; that if one wants to become a true teacher in all aspects, he should start staying professional in the most important elements of human life which I have talked about earlier. Minimally, one should start behaving the way he/she wishes to do as a nice teacher from now on. Being a nice man in the course of the studentship can truly be of assistance for students to become an outstanding teachers.

Now is the answer of a different type; they say it is the teachers who can be of important assistance to their students. Teachers, they recommend, should train their students rather than teach them. But other students get in the way here, complaining that teachers themselves lack pieces of training as to how to behave, how to teach, how to train, how to deal with students and so ahead. How can they train students if they themselves fail in many things?

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Here are the two categories of students who are poles apart in their views of their teachers. Some complain about the teachers’ inability to teach, and some do about the behavior of teachers. Most important are these two ingredients for a person to improve so as to prove as a true teacher. So to say, teachers of today should realize that the students of today are the teachers of tomorrow. Isn’t this a bitter fact to accept?


The writer is a member of the editorial board of a Russian research journal; ‘Bulletin of Science and practice.’ He can be contacted at rameezalimahesar@gmail.com. The views expressed in the article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect the editorial policy of Global Village Space.