Rameez Mahesar

Rameez Mahesar is a member of the Editorial Board for a Russian Research Journal, Bulletin of Science, and practice. He can be contacted at rameezalimahesar@gmail.com

Op-ed: A renewed global commitment towards protection of women

Just about 25 years ago, the fourth world conference on women was held in Beijing wherein thousands of delegates had landed. It was the...

What is the cost of happiness in Pakistan?

The question of the happiness of a country can be answered by examining how happy it's youth is. Happiness is a dream everybody wishes...

Op-ed: Research is on the rise as teaching appears to be in decline

Some days ago, I discovered by chance an Urdu article of Waseem Khattak entitled “Asaatza kay tahqeeqi maqalay taleem ko tabah kar rahy hen”,...