The tastiest slice of the online Slots

There’s an unwritten rule about how pizza makes everything better. Whether you need a slice or the entire pie, there’s just something so comforting about it. With this in mind, we wanted to delve deep into a pizzeria found within the world of casino online Slots, to see if a slice or two is just as good within the virtual lobby, as it is in real life.

Take a seat whilst we rustle up some Italian magic just for you.

Papa Paolo’s Pizzeria

Whether you enjoy a thin crust or a deep pan, have we got a treat for you.

Set within an Italian restaurant, it’s time to spin the delicious six reels and four rows, as you try your hand at not only creating winning symbol combinations from left to right, but making some yummy pizza for you and your restaurant customers too.

Bonus Pizza Builder – Bonus Feature

Among the many bonus features within Papa Paolo’s Pizeria, there’s one such feature we just had to tear and share with you – it’s called the Bonus Pizza Builder.

There are two ways to activate this bonus feature – landing three bonus scatter symbols and unlocking the possible chance of choosing a special sauce at random, or landing four bonus scatter symbols with the guarantee of a special sauce.

The sauces up for grabs within this selection round include:

  • Incremental Multiplier – this is per cascade win.
  • Last Spin 25x – when you spin your last free spin, there will be a 25x multiplier attached to it.
  • Last spin 50x – when you spin your last free spin, there will be a 50x multiplier attached to it.
  • Hot Spin – one free Hot Spin.
  • Super Hot Spin – one free Super Hot Spin.
  • Chilli Hot Spin – one free Chilli Hot Spin.
  • Random Multiplier – a random, increasing multiplier added per free spin.

Either way, when activated, you’ll be presented with the chef’s table. In the centre, you’ll find a pizza base spread with the sauce you’ve just chosen. Around the base you’ll see 13 pots of ingredients for you to choose from – It’s here where you’ll have the chance to choose ingredients and make your own pizza.

As you pick your toppings, they will populate the pizza base. With every topping selected, a hidden bonus will be shown on the screen and added to the chef’s chalkboard behind. The aim is for you to collect as many bonuses as you can, within this round.

The bonus hidden within the ingredients include:

  • Wild reels.
  • 1 – 3 wilds.
  • 1 – 8 free spins.
  • 1 – 3x multipliers.

Once you’ve created a masterpiece of toppings on your pizza, your bespoke pizza bonus spins will begin and the bonuses discovered within the ingredients will play out accordingly.

Will you be stepping up to grab a slice of the action? Will you create the perfect topping that leads you to the jackpot, or will your eyes be bigger than your belly? Only Papa Paolo knows!

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