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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

TikTok star Marvi Chaudry booked in murder case of co-worker

TikTok star Marvi Chaudry has been booked by police in the murder case of a co-worker, Ali, who was found dead after leaving to meet Marvi

Islamabad Police has booked TikTok star, Marvi Chaudhry, in a murder case. A local media on Friday reported that a case has been registered against her at Lohi Bher police station by the father of the deceased Ali. He has alleged that Chaudhry is involved in the murder of Ali, as reported by Saama. 

Victim’s mother filed the case against TikTok star Marvi Chaudry

Ali’s mother filed a case against Tiktok star Marvi Chaudry at the Lohi Bhair police station.

Ali’s mother said that he and Marvi had been working on a project together but he had quit following an argument between the two.

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“Some days ago Ali stopped working. When asked Ali told me that he does not want to work with Marvi as she is not a good woman.”

Ali’s father wrote in the application, “Marvi tried to contact Ali and called him several times but he did not go back to work.”

He also said, “One day my wife talked to Marvi. She told my wife that it’s alright if Ali does not want to work with me but some have come from Lahore and working with them will be good for Ali’s future.”

The mother also said that Ali had gone to an unknown location after Marvi had called her there, and had disappeared thereafter. Later, his dead body was found.

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The father of the boy stated that Ali left home at Marvi’s behest but did not return. His dead body was later found and taken to PIM’s hospital for post-mortem.

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