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Thursday, February 15, 2024

TikTok celebrity Jannat Mirza, Bushra Ansari fight on internet

TikTok star Jannat Mirza receives backlash from Pakistani actress Bushra Ansari for wearing a religious symbol as a fashion accessory. The popular TikToker later takes to social media to clap back at Bushra Ansari.

Pakistan’s leading TikTok celebrity, Jannat Mirza, hits back at veteran actress Bushra Ansari after the latter accused the TikToker of wearing a cross symbol around her waist.

Last week, Bushra Ansari had called her out for disrespecting the sentiments of the Christian community in one of her social media posts. In her comments, Ansari said, “Aik durfitty mun to Banta hay…in jahil stars par…afsoos…Islam ka Pata na kisi aur religion ka!!.”

Jannat Mirza strongly reacted to the criticism from Bushra Ansari. She took to her Instagram and addressed Bushra Ansari in her message.



She slammed Bushra Ansari for disrespecting her without knowing any facts. Jannat Mirza added that Bushra Ansari does not have any right to preach her on religious values because they both belong to the entertainment industry.

According to her, even Bushra Ansari has performed on award shows and sung songs. Hence, she should bar from condemning her. She added that people should look for their shortcomings before condemning anyone.

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Last week, Jannat Mirza had also issued an apology to the Christian community for hurting their sentiments. In the video posted on her Instagram account, she admitted that she had made a mistake. She clarified that the chain she donned had come to her in a PR package, which she promoted without knowing.

“My intention was never to hurt anyone, I found out through the comment section of my videos after posting them that the chain I’m wearing on my waist has a Christian amulet and I deleted the videos instantly after. It was my fault and I am accepting my mistake,” she says in the video currently available on her Insta Stories.



Last month, Jannat Mirza had been accused of insulting a cross symbol of Christianity. Cross sign is a revered religious sign in Christianity, people of the community had slammed her for wearing it as a fashion accessory.

Christian activists have filed a complaint against Jannat Mirza with Federal Investigative Agency. She has been severely slammed on social media since last week after she posted several videos wearing a silver chain with a cross hanging on it around her waist.

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The complainant had filed a case of blasphemy against her. “Mirza has intentionally desecrated across, the holy sign of Christians. She has hurt the religious feelings of millions of Pakistani Christians. She should be punished and arrested,” they stated in a May 28 complaint.